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Facts That Men Need To Understand About Clitoris

January 18th, 2011

man and clitorisMen have a single button that can be pushed to get them ready to go. Put a hand on their penis and they are up and running. But women have so many erogenous zones on their body that it can be really difficult to get them excited. And the zones differ from woman to woman! But the simplest way to make women putty in your hands is by finding and using her clitoris the right way. And we do mean the right way; too much is literally painful and too little is useless. So here are a few facts every man should know about the female clitoris and how to use it the right way:


Just as men have an erectile tissue called the penis, women have a similar bud like tubular organ in the vagina which works on the same principle. That means clitoral stimulation is equivalent to penis stimulation as the same nerves are present with the same sensitivity. The exact size of the clitoris will vary from female to female but the location never changes. The bud is located anterior to the vaginal opening and just before the urinary orifice. It’s relatively easy to find as its located right underneath the larger labia and has a distinct bud like appearance.

Work it

When you decide to go exploring the delicate female parts, you have to take a few precautions. Long fingernails are a strict no-no, and you better have clean hands. But once you’ve found the mother lode, you’re good to go.

Direct contact on the tip of clitoris is uncomfortable for many women. Start with gentle sideways pressure and rest assured, she’ll let you know when to go faster and harder.

Most women do have female vibrators that they use to stimulate their clitoris. But a new toy is also available that comes with a rubber ring to slide on top of your penis. An extra knobby head is designed to meet with the clitoris on every penetration and it can be battery charged to vibrate. If you’re comfortable with oral sex, gentle blowing or sucking on the clitoris can be really effective.

Just remember that physical manipulation is not enough for any woman as sex is 99% mental for them. A little sexy talk, long and sensual foreplay and gentle sensitive pressure on the clitoris will get her started easily.

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