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5 tips for perfect oral sex

December 27th, 2010

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Oral sex can enhance any person’s sexual experience but there are some things that must be kept in mind before performing/receiving it. Not doing it the right way can really turn things into a nightmare but on the other hand it can become a fantastic practice if you follow these tips below.

1.      Rigorous hygiene is a must !

Whether you decide to take a bath together and increase the tension and excitement before getting into bed, this is one of the most important step before even considering getting oral sex from your girlfriend/boyfriend. Become comfortable one with each other and in the same time keep your hygiene at highest levels. Being clean is not only a must when getting an oral sex but also a sign of self-respect.

2.      Be enthusiastic about what you do

If you are doing this only to pleasure your partner but you are not fully enjoying it, things cannot go on the desired path. Let him/her know you really like what you are doing down there, talk dirty, moan or do anything to let him/her know you really like doing oral sex. The experience will be great !

3.      Gentle or aggressive ?

There are two types of oral sex and being gentle is preferred by a certain type of folks, while the other type by other people. You can be a beast when doing oral sex if you know this is exactly what your partner is looking for or just gentle when your partner isn’t into the aggressive part of oral sex. As when it comes to relationships as well, this can be easily find out by communicating with your half and experimenting.

4.      Lubricants with different flavours

There are tens of lubricants types you could find in erotic shops with different flavours like bananas, grapes, melon and so on. Keep in mind what fruits your partner finds delicious and make her a surprise. She might find out that she enjoys giving oral pleasure more that she could ever imagine.

5.      Always « read her/him »

There are many ways a man can perform oral sex, from licking the clitoris to biting it, playing with your lips on her vagina and so on. Also, women can perform different types of oral sex as well. Always pay attention to what your partner enjoys most, read the body language signs and always try new things, this is the best way of finding out how to best perform oral sex and offer a fantastic time in bed to your lover.

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