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Dating site for people in LTR

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If you are looking for an adult dating site that allows you to meet new people who have things in common with you then Very Naughty Married is definitely the place to be. The site has it all when it comes to married dating services, as the process is very discrete and you will find that in just a matter of time you will meet your dream man or woman. The majority of people that sign up for the site are experiencing problems with their relationships and are in search of that special person that will make everything worthwhile. But you don’t necessarily have to be married to sign up for the site, as all kinds of people are welcome.

The process is actually very straight forward, as when you register at no cost at all you are provided with a large database of possible candidates. Once you get into the system all you have to do is create a brief profile and your set. By searching the site you will find heaps of people that you can choose from and you are definitely guaranteed of a lot of intelligent, sexy, interesting people. As soon as you make your pick you can chat or send messages to the persona and from then on it’s all in your hands, as you can decide to exchange email addresses, phone numbers and so on. This will eventually lead to your initial goal which is to go on a date so that you can start something with someone.

You are the judge of what happens, and remember that the best thing about this is that there are no strings attached. When you decide on meeting up with someone you can see where this leads, and you will be very calm, because all of the information you provide on Very Naughty is strictly confidential. There are heaps of cheating wives and cheating husbands available in our database and you will find that there are tons of people who are in your identical situation, and are looking for a new adventure or several new adventures for that matter.

Very Naughty provides you with the lift you need to change your life for the good. On the site you will find all kinds of people, but the good thing is that all of the people in the database share the need to improve the intimate part of their lives. Whether you are looking for friendship, casual sex, married dating, an affair or the ultimate sexual experience Very Naughty caters for the needs of everyone.

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Adult Dating Sites Reviews Sat, 26 Nov 2011 11:23:10 +0000 admin Which Adult Dating site is best for you?

Mature Adult Dating Site
There are probably hundreds of thousands of adult dating sites each of them claiming to be bigger and better than the competition, are they actually as good as the claim to be? We get some of the top adult dating sites reviewed in the hope that if you are looking for a quick shag, a no strings attached date or just a casual fuck buddy, you may find one that meets your needs on this pages.

We explore features of this online dating sites including whether they category for kinky fetish contacts such as dominatrix dating, foot fetish, dogging and other very kinky sex that some adult contact sites don’t touch. Some of the sites specialist i one night stands, this completely eliminate the potentials for a relationship to develop which is the point of most naughty dating sites.

Some of the adult dating sites reviewed on this pages fall into the married dating category. Married dating are mainly married women or men looking to cheat on their wives or husband, not to be confused the swinging which is usually when a couple meet with other couples or even a single man or woman and swap partners. Which ever one of the sites you eventually choose to sign up with you can be sure you will get laid whether you have preferences for laying mature women, teenage hotties or you want to meet up with a GILF.

Very Naughty Married Dating

very naughty married dating

Very Naughty Married Dating

If you are looking for an adult dating site that allows you to meet new people who have things in common with you then Very Naughty Married is definitely the place to be. The site has it all when it comes to married dating services, as the process is very discrete and you will find that in just a matter of time you will meet your dream man or woman.
You can read the full review about Very Naughty Married Dating here.

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Sex-accessories you’ve never heard of Fri, 16 Sep 2011 17:37:41 +0000 admin sex toys for happy couplesUsing sex toys can be really fun for men and women, and there is a huge market for these. All you have to do is search the words “sex toys” on the Internet and thousands of sites appear for you to choose from. There are surprisingly many varieties of such toys. On one shopping trawl, I found a few that can only be described with one word – “weird”. Here they are:

1.      Erectile quality monitor – An erectile quality monitor is the best way to piss off your man. Just think about it! Some mad scientist spent hours making a device that can measure just how big a man’s erection can be! All you have to do is press the device against his erection and watch the color coded result. Blue is great, red is ‘not tonight, honey, I have a headache!’ How humiliating for a man if his erection does not pass muster!

2.      Spa treatments for your vagina - I spent an hour laughing on this one. The “I LOVE MY MUFF” spa kit comes with beauty products to spiffy up your love fluff. They even have two kinds of spa kits to soothe and then to invigorate your old aching vagina. They even have a special wash bottle that is made of jelly and honey washes. I love the idea but I’m grossed out by the process.

3.      Vibrating bikinis - I do agree that a good vibrator can give hours of pleasure. But what do I do with a vibrating bikini? And this one comes with a hidden pouch for a vibe in the skimpy panties! Do I want to walk around the beach with a vibrator in my bikini bottoms? Isn’t anyone going to notice the lump in my bum?

4.      Recycled Dildos - Eeeew! A battery free, recycled dildo is not going to find many takers, no matter how good it’s for the environment. Oh, yes you have to wind the freaking thing for ten minutes to get the thing going!

Sex toys have to be useful and enjoyable. But these few items seem to be something that only a select few would enjoy. But they are well worth a laugh!

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First time sex- How to get comfortable? Sat, 27 Aug 2011 14:44:50 +0000 admin sex and comfortYou really like this new guy and he seems to like you too. And tonight is the night to get down to it. But you are uncomfortable and slightly queasy. Excited yes, but nervous nonetheless! Revealing your thunder thighs, cellulite and bumps and bulges is not easy when you are getting down for the first time with a new guy. So here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Spa it up - Spend an entire day at the spa. Believe me, the simple pampering that the spa personnel carry out is more than enough to boost your energy levels. A skin polish and a body wrap are great to lessen cellulite and thunder thighs. Remember to get a facial done too, along with a complete hair removal. This might seem like over the top, but these simple steps will boost your confidence and when you feel good, you look good,  you feel like a sex goddess ready for anything.
  • Set the mood in your home - Having sex for the first time with a new guy will be more comfortable at your own place. Set the mood with romantic candles and flowers and fresh sheets so that you feel more in control. Use mood lighting like dimmed lights and low shades on your lamps to mute the light in the room. This will create dim golden lighting that will show off any kind of body in a favorable light.
  • Tried and Tested Positions – Stick to positions that are familiar and guaranteed to get the most pleasure. That means try the missionary or doggie style poses and nothing too complicated. First time sex is already awkward with a new guy, complicated moves may disappoint you and your man when they don’t pan out.

Be sure to praise everything he does. Male egos can be fragile and it’s just as awkward for him as it is for you. Encouraging each other and enjoying the simple moves can be the most wonderful part of first time sex.

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How to fake an orgasm Mon, 18 Jul 2011 16:05:15 +0000 admin screaming for pleasureSometimes, we’re just not in the mood for sex and an orgasm is just not going to happen. And its not anyone’s fault! But a few kinds of men will just not stop banging away till they are sure that we’ve climaxed. The only way to get them to stop is by faking an orgasm. We’ve all been there and faked an orgasm already just so that we can go ahead and have a few winks of sleep, but a few more tips will definitely help.

Overacting kills - Don’t overact. You already know how you feel like when you orgasm. Remember the different stages and stick to them. To be better prepared, just innocently ask your partner how you behave when you climax and remember the moves in the same sequence. Overdoing it can actually be caught by your male partner and that is not good  for his delicate ego at all!

Limited sound effects are great - Start off with moaning and writhing but not so much that they scare him off. A few “oohs” and “aahs” are good. Try repeating his name twice or thrice to boost his ego. Most of the time you can also make out when he is going to climax, so coordinate your moans according to the pitch as he does.

Contract your muscles - In a typical climax; the vaginal muscle walls grip the penis tightly in an involuntary milking move. You can mimic the same moves voluntarily but remember to coordinate it with simultaneous toe curling and fingers clutching.

A few warnings

  • If you have been consistently faking an orgasm with a spouse or a long time partner, please take a step back and think about it. Isn’t it better to let them know that you aren’t getting the same satisfaction as him? Remedy the problem right away or you could end up getting bitter about an unsatisfactory love life when you could be having real fun together
  • Men can fake orgasms too if they are wearing a condom and this might indicate another problem. Either he is cheating or he isn’t that into you or something else!

Either way faking orgasms is not honest and can mislead your partner. Sit down and talk it out. Don’t waste a perfectly good sex session by faking it.

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How to speak dirty in bed without turning him/her off Thu, 09 Jun 2011 14:48:25 +0000 admin dirty talk“I’m going to rock your world tonight.  Just wait till you see what I’ve worn underneath these clothes today…absolutely nothing. I’m going to make you scream with pleasure”

What? Did I catch your attention? Well, catching your man’s attention is that simple. Men are simple, straightforward creatures, a few dirty words paint a  sexy picture in his mind and he is good to go for a few hours at least! Great, isn’t it? But how do you talk dirty?  What can make your man pay attention to you?

Feeling shy?

No need to, after all, don’t you want your man to make you happy? Yes you do and believe me, a good girl who suddenly starts spouting naughty, sexy phrases is every man’s dream come true. Men like dirty talk simply because it draws verbal images that turn them on. And the naughtier you are, the better they like it. Taking dirty is also a fun way to keep your relationship alive when you are far away from your man. Imagine whispering dirty nothings in his ear over the phone all day long such that he can’t wait to get home!

Still hesitating?

For newbies at the dirty talk game, here are a few tips to help you out

  • Change your language. Search “dirty talk phrases” on the internet and find sexy French phrases that you can whisper into his ear. Of course, it helps if he understands French. If you aren’t comfortable with French, try some other language like Italian, Spanish etc, all of which say, “I want to polish your knob all night long!”
  • Use the Urban Dictionary. Yes, all you have to do to find dirty words is to search them on the Internet. Synonyms for breasts, penises and vaginae are dime a dozen and easy to remember too.
  • Record naughty messages for him on his phone or text dirty messages to him, while he is at an important meeting. Works right away if you are uncomfortable doing it verbally.

Many women find it difficult to talk dirty simply because they aren’t used to spouting dirty words. But get a good stiff drink and it will help you lose your inhibitions right away.

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Facts That Men Need To Understand About Clitoris Tue, 18 Jan 2011 06:46:02 +0000 admin man and clitorisMen have a single button that can be pushed to get them ready to go. Put a hand on their penis and they are up and running. But women have so many erogenous zones on their body that it can be really difficult to get them excited. And the zones differ from woman to woman! But the simplest way to make women putty in your hands is by finding and using her clitoris the right way. And we do mean the right way; too much is literally painful and too little is useless. So here are a few facts every man should know about the female clitoris and how to use it the right way:


Just as men have an erectile tissue called the penis, women have a similar bud like tubular organ in the vagina which works on the same principle. That means clitoral stimulation is equivalent to penis stimulation as the same nerves are present with the same sensitivity. The exact size of the clitoris will vary from female to female but the location never changes. The bud is located anterior to the vaginal opening and just before the urinary orifice. It’s relatively easy to find as its located right underneath the larger labia and has a distinct bud like appearance.

Work it

When you decide to go exploring the delicate female parts, you have to take a few precautions. Long fingernails are a strict no-no, and you better have clean hands. But once you’ve found the mother lode, you’re good to go.

Direct contact on the tip of clitoris is uncomfortable for many women. Start with gentle sideways pressure and rest assured, she’ll let you know when to go faster and harder.

Most women do have female vibrators that they use to stimulate their clitoris. But a new toy is also available that comes with a rubber ring to slide on top of your penis. An extra knobby head is designed to meet with the clitoris on every penetration and it can be battery charged to vibrate. If you’re comfortable with oral sex, gentle blowing or sucking on the clitoris can be really effective.

Just remember that physical manipulation is not enough for any woman as sex is 99% mental for them. A little sexy talk, long and sensual foreplay and gentle sensitive pressure on the clitoris will get her started easily.

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5 tips for perfect oral sex Mon, 27 Dec 2010 09:03:47 +0000 admin couple having sex
Oral sex can enhance any person’s sexual experience but there are some things that must be kept in mind before performing/receiving it. Not doing it the right way can really turn things into a nightmare but on the other hand it can become a fantastic practice if you follow these tips below.

1.      Rigorous hygiene is a must !

Whether you decide to take a bath together and increase the tension and excitement before getting into bed, this is one of the most important step before even considering getting oral sex from your girlfriend/boyfriend. Become comfortable one with each other and in the same time keep your hygiene at highest levels. Being clean is not only a must when getting an oral sex but also a sign of self-respect.

2.      Be enthusiastic about what you do

If you are doing this only to pleasure your partner but you are not fully enjoying it, things cannot go on the desired path. Let him/her know you really like what you are doing down there, talk dirty, moan or do anything to let him/her know you really like doing oral sex. The experience will be great !

3.      Gentle or aggressive ?

There are two types of oral sex and being gentle is preferred by a certain type of folks, while the other type by other people. You can be a beast when doing oral sex if you know this is exactly what your partner is looking for or just gentle when your partner isn’t into the aggressive part of oral sex. As when it comes to relationships as well, this can be easily find out by communicating with your half and experimenting.

4.      Lubricants with different flavours

There are tens of lubricants types you could find in erotic shops with different flavours like bananas, grapes, melon and so on. Keep in mind what fruits your partner finds delicious and make her a surprise. She might find out that she enjoys giving oral pleasure more that she could ever imagine.

5.      Always « read her/him »

There are many ways a man can perform oral sex, from licking the clitoris to biting it, playing with your lips on her vagina and so on. Also, women can perform different types of oral sex as well. Always pay attention to what your partner enjoys most, read the body language signs and always try new things, this is the best way of finding out how to best perform oral sex and offer a fantastic time in bed to your lover.

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Affairs dating versus escort services Mon, 19 Jul 2010 12:08:59 +0000 admin beautiful escort

Human beings are polygamous by nature and would not want to make do with a single partner all through their life if they can help it. However, moral, religious and social compulsions make it difficult for everybody to indulge or get involved in relationships of their choice. This is not to say that everybody is looking for a casual fling and are not happy with their lives. Having said the above, there are many exemplary instances of couples staying loyal to each other and still enjoying each other’s company.

Single men and women are more prone to look for such relationships and also get in and out of relationships with regularity till they find the partner of their choice. Married couples on the other hand experience bliss and contentment in the initial years and very soon that novelty starts fading out and the polygamist in them starts coming to the fore. With men it is usually the thrill of bedding another woman and would not want to get emotionally involved with her, while for women it is normally the emotional vacuum she is experiencing in her current life that is compelling her to look for another partner. Of course, this is not always the case and there are other reasons as well that force individuals into seeking relationships outside their marriage. One of the reasons commonly mentioned is that of boredom, the monotony of life with the same partner and the need to experience something different.

But it must be said that modern technology and in particular the availability of various niche sites in the dating domain has definitely made it pretty easy for both men and women to seek out partners. Married dating sites in particular have really proliferated and that indicates just how many people who are married are trying to seek out other married individuals for various reasons ranging from the thrill of having sex with another married woman to fulfilling the emotional void within them. Sex may always not be the only reason for the coming together of two individuals.

It has to be noted however that the availability of such married dating sites have helped in bringing together two individuals who are on the quest for something which they feel they would get from each other without any commercial considerations or money getting exchanged. Yes, over time, the couple may buy some gifts for each other but that is generally out of affection and admiration for each other rather than compensation for what each has got out of the other partner. The essence of such relationships fructifying out of married dating sites is therefore not always sex with another individual but the need to experience companionship or understanding from the opposite partner and if over time it develops into a satisfying physical relationship, then they are happy with it.

Married men opting for escort services on the other hand are primarily looking for adventurous sex of the kind they have always fantasized about and may not be finding a willing partner in their wife. Here they know that since they are paying handsome money to the escort, they can indicate the kind of relationship they want from the escort partner and will get what they want. The mushrooming of escort services is again a relatively recent phenomenon and it is again the convenience of the internet that has helped this industry thrive.

The fact that such rendezvous with escorts can be kept as discreet and private as possible is a major reason why many married men frequent escort services sites. Besides, sex, many men are also looking for the fulfillment of other fantasies they have in their minds which their current marriage partner may be lacking in. For instance, some may want a woman with particular sophistication and grace while others may want a combination of a woman with whom he can not only share his feelings, discuss anything under the sun intellectually and also enjoy good sex of the kind he has always wanted. The fact that married men do not mind paying for it means that this is a very wide spread requirement.

It is interesting to note that many women too are finding the utility of escort services pretty convenient for them to seek out interesting men with whom they wish to be seen at functions or events. Some even want the thrill of a physical relationship from the escort partner and are willing to pay for it. However, the possibility of an emotional involvement is rather infrequent and not as common when they seek married men from married dating sites.

To summarise, married dating sites and escorts services both meet the needs of married men and women in ways that are unique to the individual.

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Sex Toy – They way you want it for as long as you want it Thu, 22 Apr 2010 05:51:44 +0000 admin

Sex toy reaches places nature cannot

It was dark and steamy night. Our passion matched the setting, we were
hot and ready to rip each others clothes off. We were walking on a path
through the wooded ravine with no one in sight. We were too horny to
make it back home so we stopped under a foot bridge. He started kissing
me on my neck, nibbling with ferocious mini bites in between the soft
kisses. He ran his hands up my back and pulled my short up to my
shoulders. Since the day was so hot I wasn’t wearing a bra so as soon as
the silky material reached my breasts, it popped over my hard nipples.
He started kissing my breasts, caressing each nipple with his tongue and
circling them, making them wet and hard. I was getting moist between my

He reached down the elastic waistband of my skirt and started rubbing my
sweet spot. Thank goodness for the heat, the clothes were easy access so
we could have a passionate encounter just like in the movies. I reached
into my bag and grabbed a sex toy, a small vibrating bullet and gave it to him. He held it against
my clitoris and I nearly had an orgasm just standing there. He layed me
down and entered me hard, just the way I was craving after being
stimulated by the vibrator. He thrust fast and I moaned with joy as the
feel of his wet slippery and extra hard shaft thrust in and out of my
tight wet love hole. He thrust relentlessly until his seed was spilled
and he both were exhausted with pleasure. It was a great night!

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