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Sex Toy – They way you want it for as long as you want it

April 22nd, 2010

Sex toy reaches places nature cannot

It was dark and steamy night. Our passion matched the setting, we were
hot and ready to rip each others clothes off. We were walking on a path
through the wooded ravine with no one in sight. We were too horny to
make it back home so we stopped under a foot bridge. He started kissing
me on my neck, nibbling with ferocious mini bites in between the soft
kisses. He ran his hands up my back and pulled my short up to my
shoulders. Since the day was so hot I wasn’t wearing a bra so as soon as
the silky material reached my breasts, it popped over my hard nipples.
He started kissing my breasts, caressing each nipple with his tongue and
circling them, making them wet and hard. I was getting moist between my

He reached down the elastic waistband of my skirt and started rubbing my
sweet spot. Thank goodness for the heat, the clothes were easy access so
we could have a passionate encounter just like in the movies. I reached
into my bag and grabbed a sex toy, a small vibrating bullet and gave it to him. He held it against
my clitoris and I nearly had an orgasm just standing there. He layed me
down and entered me hard, just the way I was craving after being
stimulated by the vibrator. He thrust fast and I moaned with joy as the
feel of his wet slippery and extra hard shaft thrust in and out of my
tight wet love hole. He thrust relentlessly until his seed was spilled
and he both were exhausted with pleasure. It was a great night!

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