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Adult Dating Sites Reviews

November 26th, 2011

Which Adult Dating site is best for you?

Mature Adult Dating Site
There are probably hundreds of thousands of adult dating sites each of them claiming to be bigger and better than the competition, are they actually as good as the claim to be? We get some of the top adult dating sites reviewed in the hope that if you are looking for a quick shag, a no strings attached date or just a casual fuck buddy, you may find one that meets your needs on this pages.

We explore features of this online dating sites including whether they category for kinky fetish contacts such as dominatrix dating, foot fetish, dogging and other very kinky sex that some adult contact sites don’t touch. Some of the sites specialist i one night stands, this completely eliminate the potentials for a relationship to develop which is the point of most naughty dating sites.

Some of the adult dating sites reviewed on this pages fall into the married dating category. Married dating are mainly married women or men looking to cheat on their wives or husband, not to be confused the swinging which is usually when a couple meet with other couples or even a single man or woman and swap partners. Which ever one of the sites you eventually choose to sign up with you can be sure you will get laid whether you have preferences for laying mature women, teenage hotties or you want to meet up with a GILF.

Very Naughty Married Dating

very naughty married dating

Very Naughty Married Dating

If you are looking for an adult dating site that allows you to meet new people who have things in common with you then Very Naughty Married is definitely the place to be. The site has it all when it comes to married dating services, as the process is very discrete and you will find that in just a matter of time you will meet your dream man or woman.
You can read the full review about Very Naughty Married Dating here.

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Affairs dating versus escort services

July 19th, 2010

beautiful escort

Human beings are polygamous by nature and would not want to make do with a single partner all through their life if they can help it. However, moral, religious and social compulsions make it difficult for everybody to indulge or get involved in relationships of their choice. This is not to say that everybody is looking for a casual fling and are not happy with their lives. Having said the above, there are many exemplary instances of couples staying loyal to each other and still enjoying each other’s company.

Single men and women are more prone to look for such relationships and also get in and out of relationships with regularity till they find the partner of their choice. Married couples on the other hand experience bliss and contentment in the initial years and very soon that novelty starts fading out and the polygamist in them starts coming to the fore. With men it is usually the thrill of bedding another woman and would not want to get emotionally involved with her, while for women it is normally the emotional vacuum she is experiencing in her current life that is compelling her to look for another partner. Of course, this is not always the case and there are other reasons as well that force individuals into seeking relationships outside their marriage. One of the reasons commonly mentioned is that of boredom, the monotony of life with the same partner and the need to experience something different.

But it must be said that modern technology and in particular the availability of various niche sites in the dating domain has definitely made it pretty easy for both men and women to seek out partners. Married dating sites in particular have really proliferated and that indicates just how many people who are married are trying to seek out other married individuals for various reasons ranging from the thrill of having sex with another married woman to fulfilling the emotional void within them. Sex may always not be the only reason for the coming together of two individuals.

It has to be noted however that the availability of such married dating sites have helped in bringing together two individuals who are on the quest for something which they feel they would get from each other without any commercial considerations or money getting exchanged. Yes, over time, the couple may buy some gifts for each other but that is generally out of affection and admiration for each other rather than compensation for what each has got out of the other partner. The essence of such relationships fructifying out of married dating sites is therefore not always sex with another individual but the need to experience companionship or understanding from the opposite partner and if over time it develops into a satisfying physical relationship, then they are happy with it.

Married men opting for escort services on the other hand are primarily looking for adventurous sex of the kind they have always fantasized about and may not be finding a willing partner in their wife. Here they know that since they are paying handsome money to the escort, they can indicate the kind of relationship they want from the escort partner and will get what they want. The mushrooming of escort services is again a relatively recent phenomenon and it is again the convenience of the internet that has helped this industry thrive.

The fact that such rendezvous with escorts can be kept as discreet and private as possible is a major reason why many married men frequent escort services sites. Besides, sex, many men are also looking for the fulfillment of other fantasies they have in their minds which their current marriage partner may be lacking in. For instance, some may want a woman with particular sophistication and grace while others may want a combination of a woman with whom he can not only share his feelings, discuss anything under the sun intellectually and also enjoy good sex of the kind he has always wanted. The fact that married men do not mind paying for it means that this is a very wide spread requirement.

It is interesting to note that many women too are finding the utility of escort services pretty convenient for them to seek out interesting men with whom they wish to be seen at functions or events. Some even want the thrill of a physical relationship from the escort partner and are willing to pay for it. However, the possibility of an emotional involvement is rather infrequent and not as common when they seek married men from married dating sites.

To summarise, married dating sites and escorts services both meet the needs of married men and women in ways that are unique to the individual.

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Cougar Dating All the experience you need

July 18th, 2009
Date a Cougar

Date a Cougar

You have taken a fancy for cougar dating and wish to go ahead with it. While that is a positive step and you may feel that the process of dating is going to be as simple or interesting as dating young women, you must pause and understand some of the subtleties involved in this exercise. This article is an attempt to acquaint you with those.

How do you find a cougar?
Making up your mind to go ahead with cougar dating is just the beginning. The question is, where the hell can you find such women? You might turn around and say that you see them practically everywhere – at the supermarket, subways, and buses. But hang on, do they really want to have a good time with somebody, or just mature old women with irate partners who will take you to the cleaners. You might be one of the brave types and want to take a chance with one of them. However, since that is fraught with risk and cougar hunting is not all about taking unnecessary risk, this article is about avoiding such risks and yet finding your cougar date.

We recommend two time tested methods to find your cougar – at the bar and over the internet at online dating sites.

At the bar

Locating a cougar at the bar for a date is a simple one and requires no great preparation. Of late, you find many of them heading for the bar hoping to be picked up by some young man. You must stake your claim but make sure that you project your self as a cool, confident young man and not like an upstart desperate to drag somebody into your bed. You must remember that they are at the bar because they are bored of men of their age and are on the look out for somebody far younger who exudes energy, vitality and vivacity. It is in your interest to therefore show your self in that light and you can be rest assured that you will find somebody quick enough.

Online dating

The internet has made many things convenient and hassle free and dating somebody is certainly one of them. The benefit of online cougar dating is that you can exchange messages, photos and thoughts before deciding whether you really want to take the process further. Of course, you may not know how authentic the posted photographs are, but by and large, you should get a fair idea of the woman you are online with and that should help you take a decision. It is still far better than meeting somebody and starting from scratch.
All the experience you need

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