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Cougar Dating All the experience you need

July 18th, 2009
Date a Cougar

Date a Cougar

You have taken a fancy for cougar dating and wish to go ahead with it. While that is a positive step and you may feel that the process of dating is going to be as simple or interesting as dating young women, you must pause and understand some of the subtleties involved in this exercise. This article is an attempt to acquaint you with those.

How do you find a cougar?
Making up your mind to go ahead with cougar dating is just the beginning. The question is, where the hell can you find such women? You might turn around and say that you see them practically everywhere – at the supermarket, subways, and buses. But hang on, do they really want to have a good time with somebody, or just mature old women with irate partners who will take you to the cleaners. You might be one of the brave types and want to take a chance with one of them. However, since that is fraught with risk and cougar hunting is not all about taking unnecessary risk, this article is about avoiding such risks and yet finding your cougar date.

We recommend two time tested methods to find your cougar – at the bar and over the internet at online dating sites.

At the bar

Locating a cougar at the bar for a date is a simple one and requires no great preparation. Of late, you find many of them heading for the bar hoping to be picked up by some young man. You must stake your claim but make sure that you project your self as a cool, confident young man and not like an upstart desperate to drag somebody into your bed. You must remember that they are at the bar because they are bored of men of their age and are on the look out for somebody far younger who exudes energy, vitality and vivacity. It is in your interest to therefore show your self in that light and you can be rest assured that you will find somebody quick enough.

Online dating

The internet has made many things convenient and hassle free and dating somebody is certainly one of them. The benefit of online cougar dating is that you can exchange messages, photos and thoughts before deciding whether you really want to take the process further. Of course, you may not know how authentic the posted photographs are, but by and large, you should get a fair idea of the woman you are online with and that should help you take a decision. It is still far better than meeting somebody and starting from scratch.
All the experience you need

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