First time sex- How to get comfortable?

August 27th, 2011

sex and comfortYou really like this new guy and he seems to like you too. And tonight is the night to get down to it. But you are uncomfortable and slightly queasy. Excited yes, but nervous nonetheless! Revealing your thunder thighs, cellulite and bumps and bulges is not easy when you are getting down for the first time with a new guy. So here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Spa it up - Spend an entire day at the spa. Believe me, the simple pampering that the spa personnel carry out is more than enough to boost your energy levels. A skin polish and a body wrap are great to lessen cellulite and thunder thighs. Remember to get a facial done too, along with a complete hair removal. This might seem like over the top, but these simple steps will boost your confidence and when you feel good, you look good,  you feel like a sex goddess ready for anything.
  • Set the mood in your home - Having sex for the first time with a new guy will be more comfortable at your own place. Set the mood with romantic candles and flowers and fresh sheets so that you feel more in control. Use mood lighting like dimmed lights and low shades on your lamps to mute the light in the room. This will create dim golden lighting that will show off any kind of body in a favorable light.
  • Tried and Tested Positions – Stick to positions that are familiar and guaranteed to get the most pleasure. That means try the missionary or doggie style poses and nothing too complicated. First time sex is already awkward with a new guy, complicated moves may disappoint you and your man when they don’t pan out.

Be sure to praise everything he does. Male egos can be fragile and it’s just as awkward for him as it is for you. Encouraging each other and enjoying the simple moves can be the most wonderful part of first time sex.

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How to fake an orgasm

July 18th, 2011

screaming for pleasureSometimes, we’re just not in the mood for sex and an orgasm is just not going to happen. And its not anyone’s fault! But a few kinds of men will just not stop banging away till they are sure that we’ve climaxed. The only way to get them to stop is by faking an orgasm. We’ve all been there and faked an orgasm already just so that we can go ahead and have a few winks of sleep, but a few more tips will definitely help.

Overacting kills - Don’t overact. You already know how you feel like when you orgasm. Remember the different stages and stick to them. To be better prepared, just innocently ask your partner how you behave when you climax and remember the moves in the same sequence. Overdoing it can actually be caught by your male partner and that is not good  for his delicate ego at all!

Limited sound effects are great - Start off with moaning and writhing but not so much that they scare him off. A few “oohs” and “aahs” are good. Try repeating his name twice or thrice to boost his ego. Most of the time you can also make out when he is going to climax, so coordinate your moans according to the pitch as he does.

Contract your muscles - In a typical climax; the vaginal muscle walls grip the penis tightly in an involuntary milking move. You can mimic the same moves voluntarily but remember to coordinate it with simultaneous toe curling and fingers clutching.

A few warnings

  • If you have been consistently faking an orgasm with a spouse or a long time partner, please take a step back and think about it. Isn’t it better to let them know that you aren’t getting the same satisfaction as him? Remedy the problem right away or you could end up getting bitter about an unsatisfactory love life when you could be having real fun together
  • Men can fake orgasms too if they are wearing a condom and this might indicate another problem. Either he is cheating or he isn’t that into you or something else!

Either way faking orgasms is not honest and can mislead your partner. Sit down and talk it out. Don’t waste a perfectly good sex session by faking it.

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How to speak dirty in bed without turning him/her off

June 9th, 2011

dirty talk“I’m going to rock your world tonight.  Just wait till you see what I’ve worn underneath these clothes today…absolutely nothing. I’m going to make you scream with pleasure”

What? Did I catch your attention? Well, catching your man’s attention is that simple. Men are simple, straightforward creatures, a few dirty words paint a  sexy picture in his mind and he is good to go for a few hours at least! Great, isn’t it? But how do you talk dirty?  What can make your man pay attention to you?

Feeling shy?

No need to, after all, don’t you want your man to make you happy? Yes you do and believe me, a good girl who suddenly starts spouting naughty, sexy phrases is every man’s dream come true. Men like dirty talk simply because it draws verbal images that turn them on. And the naughtier you are, the better they like it. Taking dirty is also a fun way to keep your relationship alive when you are far away from your man. Imagine whispering dirty nothings in his ear over the phone all day long such that he can’t wait to get home!

Still hesitating?

For newbies at the dirty talk game, here are a few tips to help you out

  • Change your language. Search “dirty talk phrases” on the internet and find sexy French phrases that you can whisper into his ear. Of course, it helps if he understands French. If you aren’t comfortable with French, try some other language like Italian, Spanish etc, all of which say, “I want to polish your knob all night long!”
  • Use the Urban Dictionary. Yes, all you have to do to find dirty words is to search them on the Internet. Synonyms for breasts, penises and vaginae are dime a dozen and easy to remember too.
  • Record naughty messages for him on his phone or text dirty messages to him, while he is at an important meeting. Works right away if you are uncomfortable doing it verbally.

Many women find it difficult to talk dirty simply because they aren’t used to spouting dirty words. But get a good stiff drink and it will help you lose your inhibitions right away.

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