Virgin White Butt Creates Celibacy Debate

This showcased image on Sexy Rear of a ‘Virgin White Butt’ has created a massive conundrum with our in house paparazzi  the vote on the virginity issue is :-
•    6 Camera men believe the model has had more cocks than Imogen Thomas and believe me that is a lot!
•    3 Photographers believe she is a Virgin as she is decked out in pure white gear. The old adage standing firm that she is in white so she must be as clean and pure as driven snow!

The mind boggle at the naivety of the three lens men because we have been informed by a ‘Key Grip’ that inside those white panties there is a huge wet fanny. Which according again to the ‘Key Grip’ – quote – ‘A virginal pudenda would never be that big and sloppy’ – more – ‘Pussies are only that large and wet due to huge penis penetration’ This is a ‘Twat’ of a debate that is not going to be resolved any time soon.

Hours later in a London coffee shop with music by The Who blasting out – ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ when in the coffee lounge walked our featured model arm in arm with former black male porn star Omar Williams. This alerted the ‘Key Grip’ as he spontaneously burst into song with ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again!’

Now as an afterthought it looks like the ‘Virgin White Butt’ is not a virgin and is in fact dedicated to penis!

Virgin White Butt Creates Celibacy Debate…

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” is a song by the rock band The Who which was written by Pete Townshend.

Omar Williams is the most prolific black British male pornstar to date. He has his own production company called Big Willy Productions.

Website clip – Attribution to Forums.DarkCavern.Com
I like Omar. Since he’s British, he doesn’t come across the same way black American pornstars do. He’s got a big dick and he seems to know how to use it. It’s not uncommon to see him bury it in his victims. Something you rarely see from black American pornstars. I’ve never understood what the fucking use of having a 10 inch dick was if you were only going to use 5 inches of it. Fuck the camera angles! Get in there and fuck, boy! And it’s not just the pros who do it, either. I think most of the amateurs have learned to fuck by watching pornos (this is why nobody knows how to eat pussy worth a shit. All my girlfriends past boyfriends and ex-husband apparently learned how to eat pussy from watching porn. She was blown away when I first eat her pussy. Nobody had ever made her cum by licking her pussy!). All that sideways, semi-insertion, taking it out…then putting it back in, etc., is all for visual effects. I remember seeing one of Janet Mason’s earliest videos. She’s fucking some dude, I think they called him Mr. Big, and this motherfucker couldn’t fuck for love or money! He had a huge cock, but he was fucking like he was still trying to figure out who stole his rims. Janet’s husband was trying to coach him and telling him to give it to her hard and give it all to her…but homeboy just kept right on slo-mo…5 inch fucking her like he was filming a scene for “The Notebook Part 2”.

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