Vanity Wonder of Hackney Butt Boost Disaster

We were going to post this article in our sister publication ‘Sexy Rear’ but we pulled the story as the girl we are showcasing – Vanity Wonder of Hackney has undergone a Butt Boost Disaster.

This is a very disturbing tale about how much harm can be done to teenage girls and young women, when they foolishly opt for silicone butt injections. One has only to look at our showcased image of Vanity Wonder of Hackney to see the gross way it has distorted and mangled her body.

Vanity Wonder of Hackney has mutilated her own body and put her present and future health in great danger. Ms Wonder wanted a bigger butt maybe like that obnoxious douche Kim Kardashian, so Ms Wonder 30, spent more than £10,000 on a GIANT Butt.

Her figure is now a 34-inch chest, 23-inch waist and an extra large 45-inch bum.

Vanity Wonder now has many regrets – quote – “It did become addictive but it reached a point when it got infected.” – more – “I was left with all these lumps all over my butt, it looked like a bag of oranges, so I had a choice.” – more – “I could stay with this medium sized lumpy butt or keep padding it with silicone to make it look better, but whenever you pad it, it just keeps getting bigger.” – more – “It wasn’t my goal to get this big, but in trying to pad it to make it look better that’s what happened.”

A very sad and disturbing story about what can happen to girls when they get silicone injections from dodgy plastic surgeons and cosmetic centers, many who are often unlicensed and as such are only in it for as much money as they can make.

Vanity Wonder of Hackney Butt Boost Disaster…

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