Swedish Girls are Simply Stunning with Butts to Die For

Often blonde – slim – leggy and very very sexy dare we say and that is your run of the mill average girl out and about in any town or city in Sweden all with  Butts to Die For!

Have we over praised them no sir not at all they are so beautiful the girls of Scandinavia in the north of Europe.

I remember years back a guy in a grimy woolen mill town in the north of England went on a business trip to Stockholm, Sweden, he returned with a long haired blonde Swedish girl who was stunning standing a leggy 1.70  with a very slim svelte figure and yes a Butt to Die for! But as it turned out her beauty was not an exception – she was one of millions all so sexy – all blonde and all with derrieres that looked like they belonged in Vogue Fashion Magazine!

Sexy Rear is considering moving to Stockholm, Sweden – not for the work – for the blondes yes – for the bottoms yes  – for the asses yes – for the Butts yes!

Breaking News – It’s official Sexy Rear admit to  being addicted and hypnotized by the mere thought in the mind of a Swedish girl showcasing her booty for all the world to look in awe and admiration.

Swedish Models – meaning –  All the girls and ladies in Sweden they are all beautiful and are acknowledged to have some of the finest asses in the world today!

Swedish Girls are Simply Stunning with Butts to Die For…


Stockholm Profile – meaning – Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden and constitutes the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. Stockholm is the most populous city in Sweden, with a population of 871,952 in the municipality – 2010 – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org

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