Should We Blame Genetics For The Infidelities Of Our Partners

We have heard such theories millions of times before – that men cheat because it’s what all Alpha Males do or because they have this genetic supported need of spreading their seed and many other things that we may or may not agree with. However, infidelity is something that we decide to commit or to refrain from, both men and women are subjected to it and most often is determined by a combination of general and particular factors.

Statistics indicate that up to 57% of the interviewed men and 54% of the women admitted they have had an affair during one or more of their previous relationships. While no one is willing to evaluate his or her own romantic relationship according to the numbers that researchers provide, everyone is interested in understanding many of the mechanisms that characterize a long term relationship. With cheating unfortunately being one of the faces that many love affairs have, we are all hoping to find a few signs to take into consideration.

Going in this direction, several studies have shown that the passion for being unfaithful to a partner may have its roots in the cheaters’ childhood. With other words, it is not genetic, but very close to the role models that they had as children. Psychologists claim that boys adopt relationship cues from their fathers and girls do it while inspiring from their mothers. As a consequence, someone who grew up seeing his parents being unfaithful have higher chances to end up considering it a normal attitude and just act it when the opportunity is provided.

Also important when trying to determine the resorts of infidelity, studies focusing on the reasons behind these actions revealed that women get involved in extra marital affairs whenever they deal with their own sexual insecurities or are simply unsatisfied with their current relationship while men do it for sex alone.

Taking all the couples around the world, what would be the odds for the men wanting to have sex regardless the costs to outnumber the women unhappy about their romantic relationship? It appears they are pretty high considering the statistic mentioned at the beginning of this article.

However, we get to see all the time both women and men looking for casual adult dating, saucy experiences or just innocent flings. Those of them who are already committed to someone and are looking for someone else, are they solely driven by sexist conceptions and childhood role models? They most certainly aren’t, as the nature of their current relationship play its own role.

In the end, every relationship is unique and the bounds between partners are fundamental. Cheating is something that should not be generalized as there are so many reasons for it and so many ways of experiencing it, from the apparently innocent flirts on internet social networks to the so reprehensible long lasting affairs. Sometimes we get to blame everything around for our partner’s infidelity while in other situations we only blame ourselves.

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