Pippa Middleton’s bum – The Car Artwork

Pippa Middleton’s Derriere The Artwork

It is probably going to remain the most famous bum in UK for many year to come. This now extremely famous derriere came to light at Price Williams wedding when the owner, Pippa Middleton was the chief bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding to Prince William.

It has been linked to cars in various way including the word “is Pippa Middleton’s bum still better than mine” daubed with a graffiti paint of the car of a guy who made the mistake or telling her girlfriend about his appreciation of Pippa Middleton’s asses.
Its in the new again but on this occasion it was being used to draw attention to the importance of washing your car by a car insurance company, working with and artist.

Artist Scott Wade used a mix of limestone dust, gravel and clay on the car windscreen to recreate Pippa’s derriere which caused a global stir at the Royal Wedding in April.

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