Online Dating Ghostwriter is All the Rage

It’s tough getting work these days especially for aspiring writers. But for those masters of the quill who are creative and innovative there is plenty of work around if one will work in the online dating – adult dating and on Craigslist type portals sectors.

Here is what is on offer
• Online Dating ghostwriter
• Adult dating write up member profiles

This SF guy was offering this – quote – “31-year-old, single straight male, 6 ft tall, educated, well traveled, and working a good job in San Francisco” is looking to contract the services of someone of the literary persuasion to help him design and manage his online dating profile.

“I am simply too busy to do this myself,” he writes, “and could also use the assistance of someone with a little more creative flair than I have at my disposal.”

“I will pay you $200 to create my profile for an online dating website (I haven’t decided which one; we can discuss this),” – more – “For each successful first date you set up with a girl of whom I approve, I will pay you an additional $40. If I end up becoming in a relationship with someone you put me in touch with (thereby ending our agreement), I will pay you an additional $200 ‘severance’ bonus.”

Get that with the $200 bucks bonus if he gets fixed up and in a permanent relationship meaning he no longer needs a writer and pays you off with two hundred US dollars

Not a bad deal all round you set the dude up with say 10 dates to meet a chick and he drops in your pocket forty bucks a pop – $400 bucks and all the time while doing the work you are having fun – guess what this is not a bad deal get say 4 guys a month wanting that service and you will make good money.

Think this one through all you writers out there rinse n repeat this adding in your twist to the service and sizzle you are in the money $$$$$$$$$$$!

Online Dating Ghostwriter is All the Rage…

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