London City Gents go for Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT

Seasoned London City Gents like lawyers – bankers – accountants and the like are being smart they are taking care of health. The reason they want to be fit and lively and keep employed in senior positions as the up and coming young bucks  jockey for promotion. Keeping fit for many means getting an overall body boost thanks to Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT.

Overall Body Benefits
•    Increase muscle size.
•    Decrease body fat.
•    Improve stamina.
•    Clear up bumps and bruises.
•    Boost your competitive edge.
•    Makes a man a man.

Here is an example how one city banker benefited by taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT. He was 48 years old when diagnosed with low testosterone levels so he opted to think positive and decide on prescription based Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT booster course. The benefits were impressive and included but were not limited to :-
•    Lost five stone in weight.
•    Now runs 20 miles a week.
•    Says he feels 30.
•    Full of confidence say he feels good about himself.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT – Typical Costs
The Centre for Men’s Health  – Dr Malcolm Carruthers
•    £400 for a consultation.
•    £175 for a blood test.
•    £250 for a follow-up consultation.
•    £300 every quarter thereon.
•    £1,725 in your first year of treatment.

Recession what recession these UK city gents are on the way up and that means they can get up and stay up both at work and of course at home where they demand to burn off the daily surplus testosterone engaging in exciting bedroom horizontal panty hustling.

London City Gents go for Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT…

Here is how one can access the treatment therapies in UK refer to your GP who will prescribe the correct TRT for you. Alternatively one can buy an array of testosterone products on the Internet, with the ryder that one gets an approval from a legitimate medical practitioner to endorse and approve use of any testosterone purchased on the WWW.

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