Know Your Toys Before Going To Bed With Them

Like a definition would have been necessary, sex toys are everything that give you pleasure between the sheets. Of course that naughty people can always think of their partners as to sex toys, but we are now going to talk about real toys so that you will not be totally disoriented the first time when landing on an adult shop.

If you are a newbie on this chapter, the first thing to cross your mind is probably the vibrator. And there is nothing wrong with itas so many single women and even couples take advantage of its benefits. Considering that only 30% of all women are supposed to climax from vaginal sex, clitoral stimulation is more than welcome and this is what these toys are primarily designed for.

While many of them have the shape of a penis, more and more models have surprising designs with new appearances, funny live colors and flexible materials. Therefore, vibrators come in different sizes, with adjustable functioning speeds, can be noisier or quieter and some even have extra features – different heads, the ability of being uses in water and so on.

Dildos on the other hand are more like a penis replacer as they are intended to offer vaginal and even anal stimulation. Guys reading this probably already picture two women playing with such a toy, only that in most couples the man is usually more reluctant of doubling his efforts with a dildo. Lucky those who have women crazy about the idea of double penetration…

What’s even better about them is that they can imitate the male tool in detail, up to the finest veins and can enhance pleasure with their bumps and ridges. But what would you say about vibrating dildos or double-ended toys that can be used by two persons in the same time?

If you are into something saucier, anal toys might be what you need. The most popular ones are called butt plugs and are made for penetration. The jellylike and rubbery material is often shaped in different forms and sizes so that to fit everyone’s needs, from beginners to pros. Some can be even used by women for penetrating their partners when being fit into a special harness. Anal beads and prostate massagers are on your list of options too.

For all men that miss a woman, there are ways of comforting their pain. Funny ways, like penis rings, oral simulators that incredibly imitate the oral sex derived sucking sensation and the more and more popular fake vaginas.

All of the above are by far the main options that adults have when it comes to entertaining themselves in less traditional ways. Depending on particular variations of design and the texture of the materials, sex toys have different names. Getting to know all of them will probably take you a lifetime yet the most important aspect is that you are interested in experiencing and coming here is a first step. So it looks like you are on the right track to revitalize your sex life!

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