Impossible Conception Imogen Thomas Names Father – DUH!

Here we are in Great Britain celebrating the best show ever by UK Olympic athletes, a time if ever there was to get up and applaud!

Then I am hit with a  sledge hammer blow as I open my edition of The Sun on Sunday to be met with this :-

•    Imogen Thomas: I’m pregnant

My goodness the horror – this is just so unexpected and how can this breaking news come out right slam bang in the middle of the 2012 London Olympic Games

Oh my goodness if it is :-
•    A boy will it be called – RYAN!
•    A girl will it be called – Rihanna!
•    Or whether a girl or boy will it just have a one word nickname – GIGGSY

Can’t wait to see the little dude or dudette running around screaming in 12 months or so time kitted out in Man U shorts and Manchester United shirt, guess the number 11 will fit just fine.

I am in shock and awe but now that have had a nano second to recover I am confronted with the word IMPOSSIBLE! This word must apply as Imogen Thomas has named the expecting father as Adam Horsley – IMPOSSIBLE. How on earth would she ever know who the father is, does she think he is the only penis that has been inside her. This news is stunning in that so many cocks will targeted by Max Clifford or whoever promotes Imogen Thomas all the former cocks men in the life of this nobody will be sold to the UK tabloids for money and the men will then be asked to have a DNA Test to prove they are – or are not the father of ‘GIGGSY’ who already wants to kick a way out of the womb!

Impossible Conception Imogen Thomas Names Father – DUH!…

Imogen Thomas – meaning – UK tabloid celeb famous for being famous thanks to two words – RYAN GIGGS!

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