How to use a sex toy with your partner

This is an interesting pastime that can bring hours of additional enjoyment to love making. But the rubric “How to use a sex toy with your partner” comes with the disclaimer that most users of sex toys should be using them like a learner driver as quite frankly millions of folks cannot steer some of these enormous beasts into action. Here is the warning that should be on the wrapper for ‘Super Dong 12’ this hefty dude cannot just be banged into a pudenda at any time the driver feels the urge. No sir and/or madam ‘Super Dong 12’ is more potent than the dark destroyer he packs a power entry and a such any welcoming pussy has to be a very sloppy wet queefing and panting vagina.

Plus if the dude is a learner driver it is recommended that when ‘Super Dong 12’ dives in all of eleven and half inches, time for any close up inspection is best dressed up as ‘Joe 90’ resplendent in a pair of heavy duty goggles. Why is that? Easy the plastic penile impaler sex toy look alike creates turbulence in the vagina which in turn cannot be quelled internally and what happens is akin to a molten lava eruption on Mount Vesuvius. Yes folks you have guessed right the sloppy wet vagina just starts squirting in multi orgasmic ecstasy.

Note if male users are not goggled up then the face is just saturated in jism and love juices which often dribble down on to the lips. This lip shower often accelerates support services to take over from the sex toys say typically battery change over, the time is ripe for an oral invasion with expertise once more you simply cannot go down at the Y and lick it like a stamp! No sir you have been confronted with a go to pussy that has just been involved in multiple squirting scenarios, yes it’s a sloppy messy job but if one single man is not up to it. The caveat emptor is you better learn damn quick as every man and his dog will want to be licking a squirter. You can choose your sex toy online here:

It is prudent to advise that going down at the Y or plunging the ubiquitous ‘Super Dong 12’ sex toy home up to the hilt cannot be executed in the farmer mode like driving a combine harvester thrashing away baling hay! No that will not prevail with success when dealing efficiently with a queefing – squirting fanny. Pudenda aficionados who pound pussies with sex toys, so the wet and sloppier the show is the better the ladies like it. Pundits joke that it rains in Manchester every day.
Well here is the vagina weather forecast  akin to being on a racecourse track some racehorses may not act on  the wet and heavy ground. But that is not the case with sex toys as they only act when the vaginal lips are waterlogged and/or extremely wet. Rough riding an airy unripe quim with a dry sex toy will get an oral scream of No! – Not a vaginal queef of Give Me More!

How to use a sex toy with your partner.

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