Hedonism Cognitive Instant Sexual Attraction Sparks Libido

Human sexual attraction often embraces a complex mix of emotions ranging from love to hate such is the diversity of intimacy where sex is the controlling and dominant factor. The name of the game is the same old format boy meets girl there is some interaction which either progresses into a relationship or the mix never ignites and no hard feelings the love seekers move on to new conquests! But for some people on the first meet there is an immediate cognitive thrust wherein there is rush in both the boy and the girl to get a budding  love affair consummated.

Yes Sir! There is a buzz and a sizzle between the boy and the girl the body language is in full flow the pheromones are meeting and exchanging polarity as the nether loins become agitated soiled – damp and often sopping wet, then the only way to offset a pending ‘Panty Malfunction’ is for the boy or girl to throw caution to the wind and have full blown explosive sex together!

Can I hear some reader saying – quote – ‘It never happens like that!’ Well it does the world over and when it does it is very special and usually very intense. After all humans are naturally attracted to each other sexually – so once again sex urges take over control of the relationship, in this exciting mix of hedonism any barriers like – Boyfriends – Girlfriends – Husbands – Wives et al are cast aside without even a thought everything is out of control except the sex which will go on and on for as long as the pheromones attract and the sexual urges demand more of the same!

Hedonism Cognitive Instant Sexual Attraction Sparks Libido…


Hedonism – meaning – is a school of thought which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good. In very simple terms – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org

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