Five Guys on a trip to London Join Online Dating Sites

Hey folks this is a brief journal about five guys who have just spent a week in London on holiday. Before they landed in town they sat down together to discuss how they would go about pulling girls on the forthcoming trip. They quickly realized that some of the girls on the agenda would need to be – GILFs – MILFs – Swingers – Bi-Sexuals – BBW – BBWO and of course a mixed bag of gorgeous multi national girls from all over the world. So they said that list was a challenge! But one of the guys had just finished a year long contract in the city working on a large construction site and said he was never short of totty as he was a Premium Member on both Very Naughty Dating Site and Saucy Dating Site!

That was it! Done deal all five guys joined Very Naughty Dating Site and Saucy Dating Site. That turned out to be a very smart decision as each of the guys was free to arrange his dates around and to fit in with the arranged group activities.

Fast forward three days into the trip all five guys are enjoying an early evening beer in a Kensington bar – needless to say totty was on the agenda and the guys waxed lyrical about how in only two days they had notched up an impressive list of girls they had shagged including  GILFs – MILFs – Swingers – Bi-Sexuals – BBW – BBWO and one enigma a beautiful oriental girl with stunning eyes and the surely unique feature of a pudenda that was like a horizontal letter box as opposed to the traditional upright vagina. On reflection Joe who made that remark confirmed that when he put his glasses back on the oriental girl had a standard vagina, a spurting pussy had initially created his vision problems as the fanny spurted love juices all over his glasses which he then had to take off to see! Hence his confusing statement! Good grief what is coming next.

Summary in Support of Dating Site

The writer of this article is a MILF lover – meaning – I am a big supporter of girls and women who earn a living helping guys get serviced. What good is a male body without a regular ‘Oil Change’ very similar to a car where the engine starts to misfire,with men they get grumpy and irritable thanks girls you are providing a great social service.

Five Guys on a trip to London Join Online Dating Sites…

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