Carmen Tisch said Bum to $30 million dollar work of art

Colorado woman rubs her buttocks against $30 million painting

The buttocks is know for several things and has been used for an awful lot of things ranging from sitting down, object of sexual arousal, for running and many other stuff but one use Ms Tisch put hers to is rather not a very common everyday usage people find for their bum and that is a a protest tool. The 36 year old woman was said to have rubbed her buttocks against a painting valued at over $30 million dollars.

Except from the report about Ms Carmen Tisch antics follows:

Carmen Tisch is accused of pulling her pants down to rub up against the work, an oil-on-canvas called “1957-J no.2”, by the late abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still.

Tisch allegedly caused $10,000 worth of damage to the painting.

Tisch was charged with felony criminal mischief on Wednesday and has been held on a $20,000 bond since the incident in late December, said Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

Citing the police report, the Denver Post reported that the suspect was apparently drunk at the time.

Kimbrough said Tisch urinated after she rubbed up against the canvas at the recently opened Clyfford Still museum in Denver.

“It doesn’t appear she urinated on the painting or that the urine damaged it, so she’s not being charged with that,” Kimbrough said according to the Denver Post.

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