Bubble Butt Close Up

So folks take a look at the showcased image a fine new ‘Bubble Butt Close Up’ addition to Sexy Rear.The image source is unknown but my oh my that is sure one full blooded afro-american bubble butt of ample size and proportion. One pundit said – quote – ‘You would need a big hammer to pound that into orgasm!’ Guess what that dude may well be right a bubble butt is not just a mantelpiece feature it has a fire burning inside and anyone knows a fire will not burn eternally unless you give it a good poking. Yes guys a bubble butt does not attract millions of white dudes as most do not have a big enough nail to bang home into the gash akin to that superb derriere.

We have not got a racist bone in our body but we do admit to being Caucasians and as such many of us are not blessed with the necessary girth and length of penis needed to make an afro-american bubble butt scream in ecstasy. A feasibility study on this subject  confirmed that dudes with schlongs north of 10 inches of erectile gristle are needed to butcher bubble butts, meaning black dudes take center stage! Moreover a white honky trash guy we know tried to get in on the act with his 9 inches of love muscle, to be met with the retort. Quote – ‘What are you expecting to do with that! –Muthaf**ka!’ The white dude was gob smacked he went back home to his Peckham council  flat and had a wank!

Come on all you guys take another look at this showcased bubble butt then on reflection one realizes why Kanye West gets to pound the bubble butt on Kim Kardashian because Kanye West is possessed with a huge long dick that he uses to f**k Kim Kardashian senseless!

Bubble Butt Close Up…

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