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This is a buttastic introduction to ‘Sexy Rear’ one of the world’s greatest subjects of worship, the French laud the ‘Derriere’ – the British are more basic like – ‘Cor look at the ‘Ass’ on that!’ Many Yanks have an orgasm over a ‘Bubble Butt.’ Thais love a beautiful ‘Tut.’ Hispanics ole the ‘Culo.’ The sophisticated and fashion conscious Italians love a beautiful ‘Natiche.’ The super chic Chinese are aficionados of the ‘Túnbù.’ In fact every country in the world loves female buttocks!
Famous Celeb and Stars with sensational ‘Callipygians’ – Tennis superstar Serena Williams revered for her ‘Bubble Butt’ – Victoria’s Secrets super butts include but are not limited to Candice Swanepoel – Adriana Lima – Miranda Kerr – Lily Aldridge – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more. Then pop culture offers an excuse for a butt showcased by the reality celeb Kim Kardashian who cannot act – sing – just whines and bitches about anything and everybody – but she is famous for having – the widest – the biggest and the ugliest butt! Royalty love em too they love a ‘Pippa’ the exquisite perky butt of Pippa Middleton sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge!
Some of the greatest ‘Asses’ of all time include – Kate Moss – Christy Turlington – Naomi Campbell – Brigitte Bardot – Marilyn Monroe – Princess Diana and more! Pop Music are in on the act too like Mc Hammer singing ‘I Like Big Butts’ Hey of course a Sexy Rear can be seen on any street in the world.

Sexy Rear is all about ‘Buttocks’ because you can believe in them and moreover in many instances you can even touch them! Then again if touching is ‘Off Limits’ what can you do? That’s easy you just zoom in on the best ‘Derriere’ site on the web – The buttastic Sexy Rear! Then just gawp at the jaw dropping pictures of super ‘Derrieres’

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