3 Facts You Did Not Know About Penis

3 facts you did not know about penis

As you know penis size is something very important for each man and they are often worried about it. But in fact girls don’t look at your size, when she will see you naked for the first time, it is not necessarily that she expects to see a big penis. Read these three facts that are not weird as you think.

  1. Your penis has not to be big. From anatomy: woman’s g-spot only about 2 inches into her vagina so it is untrue that your penis has to be big to give an orgasm to your woman. Everyone knows that a woman can please herself with a finger. So if you have a penis longer than 3 inches, you are able to satisfy your female partner. Note: average penis size is 5 inches. According to condom manufactures, only 56% of men really need extra-large rubbers.
  2. Wide head is important. Your penis head is important for her in sex. Each woman’s g-spot is not very big and if you stimulate it with a wide head that will give her incredible orgasms. It is also important to use it in the right way. But it is fact: if your penis has a wide had your woman gets very good orgasms.
  3. Slight curve penis more preferred by female population. It is not weird to have a slight curve penis. Usually guys think that curve penis does not look attractive for woman but in fact it can give her fantastic orgasms. G-spot is located a little on the top of the vagina so if you have a curve penis you can easier stimulate her g-spot. You may even want to experiment with sex positions but if your penis curves downwards, doggy style would be a perfect position for your partner. Statistics say that some men have a penis that curves to the left or to the right. It will not affect your sexual life.

In reality, dick size does not matter, its what you do with it that matters. There are many other very important things in sex that you must do with your partner to give her orgasm that she wants. I mean neck kisses, stimulating her clitoris use different sex positions… Most women want to have a sex with a guy who is not thinking only about himself. Sometimes she wants to have a dirty sex, it means that you don’t need to ask her permission to change a position or to do everything else. Remember that the average his orgasm lasts 5-6 seconds when her lasts 20-24 seconds. So even if you finish at the same time, don’t forget that her orgasm is much longer than yours.

At the end one interesting fact from Men’s Health: the man who has been satisfied and deflowered the most women was King Fatefehi of Tonga [during only 1770-1784] – 37,800 woman. In average 7 women a day.       

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