Why Are Lesbians So Hot To Men?

 Most men when invited to enjoy a hot scene with two lesbians have all the chances to turn into those funny Looney Tunes, with their eyes bugging out into heart shapes and their tongues rolling out of their mouths down to the floor. Lesbians are hot and it’s not just a guy thing, women are also turned on by such temptations, as opposed to the number of men that are into gay experiences. Ever wondered why is that?

 To begin with, a lesbian is a woman sexually attracted to another woman. This obviously does not imply for the two of them to be the perfect prototype of which all the alpha males dream on while self pleasuring. You do not need to look in a particular way, like having huge breasts and a perfect shaped ass to be a lesbian, yet regardless how you look, if you kiss or just promiscuously touch another woman in a public space you can be sure that all the eyes will be on you.

 If looks matters less, is the theory that men picture themselves joining the two naughty women still viable? Can it be a projection of a very popular male fantasy? Considering that most men are even more turned on when being told that a woman is into other women, it may be true. But is it normal, considering that there is a huge difference in between bisexuals and lesbians? Real lesbians will never allow a man to interfere in between the two of them so then what’s the point in dreaming about it?

 Others have a different theory to explain it: pure fascination. Still, it is the fascination of something that it is not just useless to you, as a man, but also an indicator of your eventual extinction since a penis has no utility when given to a lesbian…

 From this last perspective, we may assume that watching two lesbians in action is like admiring the forbidden fruit and simply wondering how would it feel to grab it in your hands. So even if they are to watch but not to touch, they can also serve as a good starting point for someone looking to get horny and in the mood for a more thrilling sexual experience with their partner.

 When being involved in a relationship for quite some time, physical attraction starts fading away so it never hurts picturing something more appetizing to make the dish you serve more tasteful than before.

 Of course, there are also men that claim not being attracted by lesbians. Are they really honest or they are trying to deny the truth that there are women who don’t need them? We often hear lines such as “I can only see a woman in the arms of a man” – doesn’t this one says it all?

 So there are the optimists, who love lesbians and hope someday will get to know a few of them much closer, and the pessimists, the ones that feel threatened when perceived as useless, who condemn lesbians. It just depends from person to person.

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