Which Adult Dating Sites are Genuine

This question has been asked hundreds of thousands of times namely :-

Which Adult Dating Sites are Genuine

Why do we ask! Well because we want to alert the millions of users who have registered with what are now thousands of resources that  purport to be very active Adult Dating Sites.

In fact many of the newcomers set up this way :-
•    Buy a URL easy for a few dollars or pounds
•    Get Hosting again at minimal cost
•    Load a dating script easy many are low cost clones or bootleg nulled platforms that are easy to load and ready to open online as an Adult Dating resource
•    Then the chancer because these are not genuine traders buys a members list at the cheapest price they can find  they then implement that into the script all of a 3 or 4 click copy n paste action.
•    Then they go live with a very attractive opening offer low cost premier membership for men, then the money starts to roll in. But  this is all governed by a limited timeline because as new members pay they then want to meet women for sex and of course the bogus members index is full of women who do not exist any longer or have moved on etc and are no longer active online for Adult Dating.
•    This goes on for a few weeks while the website owners are pursuing an aggressive marketing campaign but the floodgate of complaints roll in with men saying they can find no women to f**k!
•    The owners are not up for all that hassle after all the have made a killing on premier fees – annual service charge call it what you like.
•    All the while the site is gaining a lousy reputation and the site honchos are not in for any of that so they take the Adult Dating Site offline and all the paid members have lost their money!

That’s it the scam is a complete turnaround time less than six months from the get go to thanks for the money and goodbye

What to do?

Easy stick with sites that have been around a long time and are the real deal full of ovulating women who all they want to do all day is sit at home reading about BDSM ala Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Then at night as they are all members of Very Naughty and/or Saucy Dating they come online to meet a guy – fix a same night date then go to meet the dude for a f**king and squirting bonanza

Caveat Emptor to all men who join Very Naughty and/or Saucy Dating you will get your brains f**ked out by Milfs – Skanks – Sluts and Trollops who frequent the sites and talk posh English until they strip off and declare that they have a bald beaver that is addicted to penis! Join now Very Naughty and/or Saucy Dating because your dick has woken up when  hearing about this CE warning!

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