What Are The Most Popular Sex Toys in 2013

Well, seeing as it is halfway through 2013 it makes sense to compile a list of the best and most popular sex tops people have been using this year. It’s also important to note that the majority of sex toys used this year did not differ that much from the previous years because the top sex toys have formed a monopoly on the market and it’s hard for the newer or lesser known toys to get on the list.

But before we get into the list..What is the purpose of having sex toys?

Well in a nutshell, for example this site http://www.beatrizseductions.com/ that specializes in adult toys says that sex toys offer people who are have undesirable sex lives to feel pleasure almost on the scale of sex. It’s also offers people a quick sexual release almost on command. The disadvantage of sex toys is that there is quite a strong taboo against which means a lot of people don’t actually admit to using them in public. In addition, it doesn’t encourage users to actually try and have sex with other people. Therefore it may deemed a sexual demotivator.

1. Fleshlight

This is a relatively new sex toy as it was created in the last 5 years and it has been  rated as the best sex toy for the past 6 months. For people who are unaware, the fleshlight is essentially like a portable pussy. It is used by the man inserting the penis into the fleshy torch and it is supposed to mimic the feelings of a real life vagina. That is the standard model but other fleshlights can be modified to incorporate imitation mouths and even anuses. The reason why it’s rated so highly is because we feel that there is no other sex toy on the current market that is able to recreate the sensations of sex with the same vigour as the fleshlight.

2. Dildo

The famous dildo sex toy has made it to #2 on the list this year and it’s no surprise. It is probably the most widely used sex toy of all time due to its accessibility. There was a statistic in 2010 which stated that at least 60% of British women has either used or bought a dildo in their lifetime. It is the perfect female sex toy as it mirrors the figure of the penis. We rate it highly this year because it’s the evergreen of sex toys meaning that it will always be considered one of the best sex toys around due to the sheer amount of women who use it.

3. Symbian

Again, this is a female sex toy but it’s one of the more elaborate and technological toys out there. It involves the woman sitting on the stimulator, pressing the button and then it vibrates and the girl feels the sensation in her vagina. It’s been noted that this toy is the most pleasurable for women on the market but its expensive price stops it from achieving first place.

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