Warning Women do not have Oral Sex with your Mouth Full!

Well what a starter this is, it is not only a mouth filler but a tongue twister too!

So let’s decipher the rubric
•    Women – Health will improve if they engage regularly in fellatio with male sex organs
•    Oral Sex – It is the ultimate in sexual intimacy when a man and woman cast aside any inhibitions
•    Mouth Full – Now this is definitely what one calls a matter for the alimentary canal to digest. From experience down  the years my girlfriends  tell me that it is in fact an ‘up and down’ and/or ‘in and out business’ Umm my understanding of that is that the mouth is full – then empty every 2 or 3 seconds!
•    Mixture of chemicals in semen ‘promote mental well-being and feelings of affection’

So we need to know where all this information is coming from, because we now believe women need an explanation when people are waxing lyrical about a lady’s  ‘Alimentary Canal’ especially when the subject of oral sex is involved

Swallowing Semen is Good for Women because Sperm brings :-
•    Chemicals that elevates mood,
•    Increases affection,
•    Induces sleep,
•    Contains at least three anti-depressants,

Now we are not sure intellectually whether  we can swallow all that in one session and will need to practice oral sex many more times this week to ensure that all lady’s ‘Alimentary Canal’ are fully loaded with Semen!

It seems that women have to swallow a lot in everyday life – so thank goodness someone came along with regular – repeat – swallowing that they can enjoy!

Warning Women do not have Oral Sex with your Mouth Full…


Alimentary Canal – meaning – Pathway by which food enters the body and solid wastes are expelled. The alimentary canal includes the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine – Attribution to Britannica.Com

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