Vajacial – A Spa for a Ladies Vagina

Oh my goodness that is a mother of all rubrics it reads like a pudenda of an issue!

Journalism is all about primarily BS these days waxing lyrical about a host of topics that are either boring like US Presidential Election – tiresome like the Jimmy Saville saga and of course the despicable ongoing offensive racial abuse in world football and regrettably often taking center stage in the BPL – Barclays Premier League…

Now we are heading for another soon to be overused topic – the news that women – ladies and mature  teen girls are all in the mode for a ‘Vajacial’ Now this is 100 percent a female biased phenomenon but it comes with some very long strings attached namely that every heterosexual man in the world will be keen to find out about exactly what a ‘Vajacial’ is!

Now guys before you get too frisky and alert in the nether loins reading about this perky subject. Down Rover! how did that get into the text – oh yea off topic I was just talking to the dog Rover as he was just giving our new bitch puppy a good licking – but please note he was not giving the bitch puppy a ‘Vajacial’

Dang let’s get back on subject as we are sure billions of men and women from all around the Globe will want to know more about a – A Spa for a Ladies Vagina…

Just checked on the last sentence again and it could in fact be the next lead rubric for a new poem to be written by an eminent poet laureate one more time – A Spa for a Ladies Vagina… the words flow gently off the tongue and look so comfortable in written text.

Yes readers 2013 is going to be all about – Vajacial – A Spa for a Ladies Vagina

After all it is a pudenda of a subject that the trashy UK Tabloids and the smut press will showcase on more occasions than supposedly Jimmy Savile has had ‘Hot Dinners’ which by all accounts runs into hundreds of ‘Hot Dinners!’

Caveat Emptor – Guys like Alex Reid et al please do not try and execute a ‘Vajacial’ on men’s private parts because the result will be that you have unintentionally performed a Penectomy – crikey now that is OTT and extremely painful!

Finally we need to ask The Sun whether they know if Alex Reid tried to give Chantelle Houghton a ‘Vajacial’

Vajacial – A Spa for a Ladies Vagina…


‘Vajacial’ – meaning –  It’s just what it sounds like: a facial for the vajajay. – more – Man: Gosh, darling. You look mighty tidy down there. – more – Woman: Why thank you! Mother and I took advantage of the two-for-one on vajacials at the spa. I think we’ll get vajazzled next week. Attribution to UrbanDictionary.Com

Penectomy – meaning – Penectomy is the surgical removal of the penis for medical or personal reasons. Attribution to Wikipedia.Org

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