UK Pregnant Women Give Oral Sex to the Old Man to Stop Morning Sickness

UK Pregnant Women are resorting to morning sucking to stop morning sickness. It goes something like this Stella who is two months pregnant wakes at 7-30 in the morning and says to her husband Maurice – quote – ‘Hey honey I want to suck your Johnson so that I will not get morning sickness!’ Maurice is alert to the request and nonchalantly plunges his love muscle right down the back of the Stella’s throat. Gargle – gargle – slurp – suck – quote – ‘Thanks Maurice your jism has pushed the morning sickness right back down into my stomach!’ – more – ‘I love you Maurice thanks your belligerent throbbing tool proves that oral sex cures morning sickness’

The  intellectual voice on this phenomenon  – A psychologist at the University at Albany-SUNY has claimed that women who consume sperm from the male who impregnated them are likely to counteract the common side effect during pregnancy. – more – Gordon Gallup, who works within the university’s psychology department, believes that morning sickness is simply caused by the introduction of semen, a foreign substance, in order to impregnate her.  – more – Futhermore, the doctor believes that pregnant women should, rather than abstain from sex, cater to their partner’s sexual needs in order to remain healthy themselves.

Our comments Gordon Gallup may well be a qualified psychologist at the University at Albany-SUNY but the question is can we believe his dick serving theory, especially as it appears he has come up with this unique slant on sex as the expecting  wife of Gordon Gallup has barred him from the ‘Leg Over!’ That appears to have left the eminent psychologist with a rock hard penis with no vagina open for business so he came up with the oral sex way out!

This story is baffling and we interpret this dichotomy on an urgent need for ejaculation. The reality of this un-validated theory is that KPIs point to a rampant penis that is seeking throat like oral sex attention for delivering spunk.

UK Pregnant Women Give Oral Sex to the Old Man to Stop Morning Sickness…

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