Tupping a NZ Butt the UK Dales Farmer way via the Internet

Sheep farmers the world over are a very unique type of ‘Bonus’ to the rich world we live in! Why do we use the word ‘Bonus’ well why not they understand sheep after all what makes them unique is apart from them no one else has a clue about sheep and how wooly they are!

Which brings us to the tale about the Yorkshire Dales Sheep Farmer who was looking for a date online anyway thanks to Very Naughty dating he connected online with a buxom New Zealand girl who was a sheep farmer down under! Now this was the buzz that the northern England Sheep Farmer needed that fired him into action as he had a penchant for going ‘Down Under’ and the woollier – hairier the experience was the better he liked it! Dare we say what he got up to on the Very Naughty Dating web cam oh go on then we will let you have a peep. The notoriously tight fisted UK sheep herder wanted to meet up with the bonny lass from way down under but he was too tight to spend a few quid to fly to NZ to meet up. So he set up a web cam scenario where the game changer in the relationship was that the girl must not only reveal how pert and bouncy her lovely bottom is!  But prove to the Dales Farmer that she had not been sheared like a sheep on her under carriage. So the enthusiastic sheep lover went full screen mode on Very Naughty Dating and oh my goodness he was in shock right there inches away from the tip of his nose was a NZ beaver that was covered in  so much hair that it looked as if it had being fitted with the finest mohair beaver  flange overcoat in the world. The Dales farmer was mortified and licked the PC screen to prove it was real. The upshot to this gash of a meeting was that he was sold on what he had licked and quickly booked a flight to NZ.

Fast forward one month the first face to  beaver meeting took place – my oh my the Dalesman licked and licked but there was so many hairs down there that he never got to see the opening to paradise! But the story has a happy ending because the UK sheep farmer took with him to NZ his sheep shears – so ever the one to improvise he sheared all the hairs off of that hairy scruffy thing!

Want to know what happened next they fell in love all three of them and lived happily together thereafter. The three were The Boy – The Girl  and The Sheep Shears which were kept under the bed pillow and the guy brought them into action every three weeks or so to get the all the wild hairs sheared off so the sheep herder stallion was unhindered when the NZ sheep farmer ordered that he mount her at least three times daily!

We apologize that this tale drifted away from her very Sexy Rear but we never know in advance how real live encounters will turn out…

Tupping a NZ Butt the UK Dales Farmer way via the Internet…

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