Time for Emilia Clarke to Strip One More Time like in Game Of Thrones!

Almost one year has passed since the divine UK actress Emilia Clarke doffed off her kit and exposed her bare buttocks in the HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones’ This girl has so much to offer talent – brains – freedom and gay abandon to show her beautiful nude derriere. Let us explore the ‘Tale of the Tape’ for home counties based Emilia Clarke this 25 year old is only 5’ 3” but there is a lot packed into this pocket dynamo – in fact she arguably weighs in fitter than Muhammad Ali in his prime. There is the nice little rack up front – the trim tidy waist – rounded off by the center of attraction a taut – tight – cellulite free ass that is ……………porn trash talk  ……….. crude porn ……….. that stuff is not allowed on this site.

Back to details of the derriere – it appears from an observers point of view the reason that it keeps so fit is because it gets a regular pounding by a ‘Big Nail!’ Godammit how does crude smut keep getting into this post, there is absolutely no place for boys street talk like that in this resource – ‘Sexy Rear’

Comments overheard about her posterior

  • Surprisingly nice ass
  • I would love to **** her ass
  • I wish I could **** Emilia Clarke in her ass

But there is so much more to this delightful girl – she excels at acting – is bright and friendly and immensely popular both as an actor and as a person and of course close friends love her for her zest for life embodied in strong loyalty tendencies and feelings. Watch out for her new movie coming out in late 2012 when Emilia Clarke will appear in the film Overdrive’ in 2012.

Not to be missed as who knows the bare ass might be out to play!…

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