Tim Blake-Bowell Canterbury Pimp and Brothel Owner

All the sex action of the day moves away from London and the big cities in the UK, to the semi rural  cathedral city of Canterbury coming out in full force to showcase Tim Blake-Bowell Canterbury Pimp and Brothel Owner.

This guy seems to have been on a mission to gain more worldwide kudos than even the Archbishop of Canterbury the storyline is shall we say racy but the upshot is that Tim Blake-Bowell’s shenanigans are illegal

Tim Blake-Bowell Background Profile
•    51 Years old Englishman
•    Ex PE Teacher


•    Liked to run an illegal brothel in Canterbury, Kent, England
•    Specializes in pimping young women and like to keep it in the family as he even pimped out his ex wife to deliver sex services and favors
•    Personal hubris also overcame his seemingly respectable PE teacher profile as he sold his own body for sex
•    He was a serial pimp managing at least 6 women and providing a brothel base in Canterbury to offer the sex services for sale
•    Jailed for nine months in 2009 for running the brothel
•    In 2009 called his brothel’s  ‘Gem’s’, ‘Pandora’s’ and ‘Men For All Seasons’

Tim Blake-Bowell was found guilty of breaching the teaching code of conduct when he appeared at a disciplinary hearing of the Teaching Agency in Coventry.

The father-of-two was told his actions had placed him in ‘direct contravention of the teaching code of conduct.

Tim Blake-Bowell  was a PE teacher at the King Ethelbert School in Birchington, near Margate, Kent, between 2004 and 2007.

The ex PE teacher now faces a lifetime ban from teaching and another jail term looks a distinct possibility.

Tim Blake-Bowell Canterbury Pimp and Brothel Owner…

Canterbury – meaning – City of Canterbury, a district of Kent in South East England, main landmark the majestic cathedral located in the heart of the city  –  Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

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