Three Married UK Men Reveal Why They Date for Sex Online

Ronald – 46 – Accountant from Brighton married fourteen years to Francis, two children aged 9 and 11. Has vanilla sex with Francis maximum once a week, if he is lucky and only if he has ‘Mowed the Lawn’ or ‘Pruned the Roses’ Then after years of frustration Ronald started joining online dating sites like – Very Naughty Dating and Saucy Dating, where to the great relief for Ronald he met some super sexy women who were up for NSA exciting sex! Ronald – quote – “I had to take this action because if I had not done so, my marriage would have ended and the children would have been hurt badly” – more – ‘I opted for NSA online sex and now my life is much better both at home and I am working better as I now have very few frustrations which in the past disrupted my life.’

Julian – 52 – City Banker resides in Windsor with wife Katie and their 14 year old son. Get’s sex at home once ‘Every Blue Moon’ for the last five years read as never. In the first ten years of his marriage Julian a self confessed heavy after work drinker managed sex with Katie at best three to four times a month. It seems that could not get the ‘Bells to Ring’ for Katie as she preferred listening to the church bells ringing to having sex with Julian! Now the shrewd banker has a new modus operandi he checks in daily at the bank, and when he feels the urge for early evening after work sex he logs onto Very Naughty Dating and/or  Saucy Dating and hooks up with a sexy MILF who is up for some NSA  hanky panky read that as ‘Bare Ass Boxing’ SEX!

Stephen – 46 – London Cabbie – Lives with long term lover Susie in Shoreditch  in a semi open relationship where he gets additional NSA sex two to three times a week. Susie is a bright girl who was an ex Page 3 model now still fit in her early forties – but wants to keep living with Stephen so she gives him all the space and freedom he needs. Stephen was not up for telling us where he met other women for NSA sex. But as one would expect  Stephen is a typical bright bubbly character that befits many a London Cabbie, we guess he pulls birds both at work and by using online dating sites which he can  access with his mobile phone such as

Are these three men typical of tens of thousands of men in the UK? The answer is yes we do not have exact statistics but we did run a mini poll in London where we asked 100 married men if they cheated and engaged in extra marital sex. 42 said yes – 20 laughed off the question and moved on  –15 wanted to know where to go for NSA sex – 13 said no never – 9 abstained that left the Jewish Rabbi from Golders Green who said he was a watcher who preferred voyeurism to sex!

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