Those Pesky Dames prefer Piebald Vaginas to Ribald Shaved Pudendas

If any man in the world can understand a woman please contact this website as we are confused a new group of women in UK called ‘Those Pesky Dames’ are up in arms! So they can show off body hair! Eek that image I was just viewing was under the arm it was like a tropical forest so much was going on there that on close up inspection a monkey was swinging amongst the hairs while at the same time jacking off. Gross not a pretty site I can tell you.

What a motley hairy group of pseudo intellects ‘Those Pesky Dames’  are they all have degrees in sociology – psychology and more! These women have grouped together because basically they object to men having expectations that they should be shaved or waxed of body hair!

So now they are rebelling by cavorting in public places wearing clothes that reveal masses of hair extruding out of the clothes – one even had hairs protruding from the genitalia area that hung down to the knees on one of ‘Those Pesky Dames’  One dude saw that exact scenario in Oxford recently and was gob smacked all he could say was ‘WTF was that!’

Female Activists prefer Piebald Vaginas to Ribald Shaved Pudendas that is now official, so what comes next will this be the new scene in the night clubs where all the EPL footballers hang out will they be met by hairy wags with big fat forested bushes on the gash! Man this will be a big problem for the super star poseurs as they could not score a penalty in Euro 2012. So what chance will they have in scoring when they have to swerve around a swampy piebald  hairy forest before they can get inside the  pudenda!

Surely guys now is the time to fight back against –  ‘Those Pesky Dames’  –  After all millions of men like a bald beaver best!

Those Pesky Dames prefer Piebald Vaginas to Ribald Shaved Pudendas…

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