Starter Penis Enters Pudenda Unnoticed

Friday, Nov 09, 2012

I just love reading the ever popular – Cosmopolitan – they come up with a range of subjects relating to sex that are often outright bizarre and on many occasions hilariously funny

This is an insight into a recently published Cosmopolitan story about a young teenage girl who was a virgin, yet she liked this guy who was always bragging what a great lover he was and was indeed one of the best young shaggers in the neighborhood when given the chance to perform ‘Between the Sheets!’

The boaster played on the mind of the nubile young virgin and one day when she was especially frisky she arranged to meet the infamous local cocksman who liked to go by the nickname of ‘The Stallion’ Then the tale gets so funny ROFL – the girl got herself ready for her first virgin introduction to a real live erect human reproducing ‘Trouser Sausage

The girl was ready – breathing heavy – wet and moist in her nether loins – breasts taut with the nipples protruding like ‘Organ Stops’  – she called out ‘The Stallion’ – quote – ‘I told him I am Ready!’ – more – His response: “I’m already inside you.” My friends and I still laugh about how his, uh, small size made for a great ‘starter penis!'”  – Attribution to Cosmopolitan – Cosmopolitan.Com

Starter penis the mind boggles but all credit to the Cosmopolitan writer who dreamed up that great description a Starter penis!

I just love this sensational quote from Cosmopolitan – It Rocks!

Starter Penis Enters Pudenda Unnoticed…


Cosmopolitan – meaning – Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist for millions of fun fearless females who want to be the best they can in every area of their lives. Showcased topics this month – Hot Bangs – Sex – Long Haircuts – Perfect Gifts! – Attribution to Cosmopolitan – Cosmopolitan.Com

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