Spain is Famous for the Royal Culo aka Buttocks

Spain the sovereign nation with one of the oldest and most respected royal dynasties in Europe. So we feel honored to bestow on  all girls in Spain a titled attribution namely Spain is home to the land where the ladies have ‘Royal Bottoms’ they are resplendent in size – firmness – cellulite free – and oh so carressingly touchable. They are without question one of the countries in Europe who rank in the top three for the best asses in Europe.

But what sets a  ‘Royal Bottom’ apart is that Spanish women like Italian and French women are good dressers so they know what is best to wear to showcase the best sexual attributes. Like a small fresh  flower or rose nestled in the hair just above the ear. A low cut figure hugging blouse or tank top to feature the cleavage and the bosom – and more et al

Then we come to the Spanish Culo aka the Hispanic Ass this is akin to the mantelpiece meaning it looks at its’ best when it is getting poked a lot. Like the old wives tale about a mantelpiece fire it glows best when you give it a regular poking. Well surprise surprise guess what when you poke and prod a  Spanish Culo aka the Hispanic Ass the bottom tuck inwards while at the same time the cheeks and the crack puff gently out in a glorious statement of ass intent!

Have we convinced you yet or do you need to see in all its naked glory the Spanish Culo  that is fine and is on offer at numerous nudist beaches that proliferate along Spain’s coastline.

We can assure you that there is no finer site in Spain than all the beautiful girls that have delicious ‘Royal Bottoms!’

Spain is Famous for the Royal Culo aka Buttocks…

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