Smoking Hot Bum of Coco Austin

Hey all you guys dudes and dudettes that are into a large meaty sexy rear. Does the ass on  the showcased image look familiar to you it is usually hauled by Ice T the husband of Coco Austin. Ice T says my beautiful wife Coco Austin has a derriere that loves to be pounded by me – quote – ‘Coco is always ready to be cock served by me her rapper boy cocksman’ Coco says her splendid booty is 100 percent original sans silicone although the 33 year old stunner has admitted to a boob job when she was still in her teens barely 18

We have no insight into the love life of Ice T and Coco Austin who have been together since 2001 but the key and this is gossip only – Coco is said to love a big pin. The story could well be true as rumors have abounded down the years that Ice T is what you see but discretely hidden away is believed to be an enormously fat and long schlong! Umm not much we can add to that in the family friendly Sexy Rear.

Anyway roll the tape fast forward to August 2012 Coco Austin is now 33 and by all the recent images we have seen of her. She is as ‘Fit as a Butcher’s Dog’ Want to see more of Coco Austin check her out on the Internet you will find an abundance of shots of her ‘Sexy Rear’

We have been privy to seeing some nude shots of Coco Austin wherein it is very apparent that Coco is walking around supporting a very large flange that looks as though it dribbles a lot. Unfortunately we do not have proof of that – so we apologize for those words and walk back on that comment

Smoking Hot Bum of Coco Austin…

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