Small Penis Man in Taiwan Divorced by Frustrated Wife

You just could not make up some of the stories published here. Here we go again with a man in Taiwan who had a small penis less than 5 cm moreover the dude did not have much to erect but try as he did, he could not get the thimble sized dick to become alert and hard. So his frustrated wife Zhang, 52, put up with this dichotomy read dickotomy for a few years, during which she tried to get the short dicked man to make love to her. But husband Zhou, 55, did not have an erection in him, let alone a f**k!

In the end Zhang erupted in her ever wet nether loins and in shear frustration blurted out this – quote – “His penis is so small, like a kid’s, only 5cm long. We’ve never had sex in our entire marriage.”

This is a prick of way to end a marriage but the wife was left with no other options, quite frankly she and her ever wet pussy had endured many years of no sex. Roll the tape back to when they first met in 2005 back then Zhang wanted a penis preferably a big penis, but Zhou ducked the issue by saying he was religious and could not have sex when not married. Fast forward 2008 Zhang and Zhou got married and Zhang was up for it, pussy trimmed – ever wet as usual – and anxiously waiting for Zhou to introduce his ‘Large Portion of Helmet!’ The moment of truth had arrived and the small penis less than 5 cm was down and out – quite simply the small penis did not even have one f**k in it.

Then the drama got too hot to bear and Zhang angrily said this – quote – “He’s also impotent and unable to fulfill his responsibility as a husband. – more – “We quarrelled the whole night and I asked him to seek treatment.” – more -The couple separated the day after their marriage, but then spent two years together before Zhang filed for divorce. – Attribution TheSun.Co.Uk

We are not surprised to reading about this Taiwanese couple and the saga of the impotent small penis. However we were expecting to read the same story in UK – United Kingdom where there are millions of white UK man walking around with a useless 5 cm or less impotent small penis.

Once again it is dick of problem that is not going away in white society….

Needless to say the millions of black dudes love to see white UK guys unable to make love to spouses – girlfriends et al…

Small Penis Man in Taiwan Divorced by Frustrated Wife…

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