Shobna Gulati Rear Of The Year Wizard Jeans 2012

Now how does an articulate girl who speaks six languages has degrees in Arabic and Middle Eastern Politics  and more importantly is a season  ticket holder of Manchester United, become famous for her sexy butt!

Here is how Shobna Gulati won Wizard Jeans’ Rear Of The Year  2012 we understand that the voting ‘behind’ this stunning award is this! Wizard Jeans are manufactured and made in India and Shobna Gulati Gulati was born in Oldham, Lancashire to parents of Hindu Indian descent. Ah we suspect there is the reason the cultural connection between Shobna Gulati and Wizard Jeans. But hey no big deal after all a butt is a butt especially when it belongs to Shobna Gulati as her ass does not seem all that impressive!

This may well explain why the winner of won Wizard Jeans’ Rear Of The Year  2012 was not one of the following
Which is the best celebrity bum?

Amy Childs
Bar Refaeli
Beyonce Knowles
Cameron Diaz
Candice Swanepoel
Carol Vorderman
Cheryl Cole
Georgia Salpa
Helen Flanagan
Holly Willoughby
Imogen Thomas
Kate Upton
Katy Perry
Kelly Brook
Kim Kardashian
Kylie Minogue
Nicki Minaj
Nicole Scherzinger
Pippa Middleton
Rita Ora
Sam Faiers
Sofia Vergara
Tulisa Contostavlos

We strongly believe that all these beautiful girls would have been worthy winners  of any sexy rear competition!  Hence we will not be seeing any of these fabulous derrieres in the raw any day soon on Sexy Rear –  Candice Swanepoel – wow – How on Earth was she Overlooked!

But hey folks there are plans afoot for this audacious award – The Sexy Rear of the Year 2012 – when hopefully there will be no doubt to the merits of the winner! No ‘Behind’ the scenes vote rigging all votes will be open and transparent and what will be assured to take center stage will be The Sexy Ass of the Year 2012.

Meaning for sure that no pre-planned winners surface Candice Swanepoel will have to get the most votes if she is going to win – The Sexy Rear of the Year 2012.

Shobna Gulati Rear Of The Year Wizard Jeans 2012…


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