Sexual Slump Ready To Blow Into Your Face? Be The One To Blow It First

Whoever said that having a regular yet thrilling sex life is piece of cake probably never tried it when being involved in a relationship for months or years. In fact, most couples that do not make efforts to keep their sex moves on the run end up facing a major slump in the bedroom.

Once upon a time you couldn’t have enough of each other and you used to take it whenever you wanted it with only one motto: the riskier, the better! What if you were on the verge of being caught on the back seat or if the parents were right in the next room? If you have taken the word “danger” out of your dictionary, you would better take it back. Your sex life needs a few spices mixed with a dose of danger.

Forget for a while about the classic boring bedroom sex and go wild in all the forbidden places you can think of. You just need to use your imagination and… all your muscles as having a quickie in the back of a fitting room or club is not just absolutely thrilling, but also a little exhausting. And don’t you dare say no before you try it once!

We did our best to convince you, but if it didn’t work and you are stubborn enough to refuse leaving the home, you can work on your boring sex routines by changing the script a little bit. You will have to do a shopping session for a few sex toys and some fashion lingerie, but it does not mean you are going to spend all your expenses in order to look like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. After all, a few props to include stockings, some sparkly nipple tassels and a chair you can hold on to while you are practicing some hot moves on high heels are easy to get. Same rule applies – it’s hard just until you take the plunge and try it.

All these are not necessarily for couples having a dull sex life, but also for those who were too shy from the very beginning. If, however, you’ve been there and done all the nasty things, you’ve found out the hard way that even being naughty can sometimes end up in routine. So turning back to a little romance and tantric sex may be just what you need. Trying a slow hand in everything from prepping your nest to the foreplay and the post sex cuddle is a very good change of plans.

But what about playing the naked chef, trying an incredibly sexy body paint session – it’s your call what are you painting with -, working together to make each other a pleasure map with lots of hot oils, trying some frisky French kisses not necessarily on your lips – as you can see, there are plenty of new things to try. After all, you putting on hold the experiencing part is what brought this sex slump.

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