Sexual Pitfalls That Often Tempt Us

 We have all learned that sex is great and it gives us thrills hard to describe. All the dangerous things about sex, we have found out more or less the hard way – through practice. STDs and unwanted pregnancies or just initially no strings attached relationships with partners we could not get rid of after that, are all checked. But are there any other dangers that come with intercourse? What do you say of some very dangerous sex positions…?

 Regardless if we are on a first round with a new sex partner or we are making efforts to spice up our ancient sex life, changing positions is one of the first things we think of. Tired of watching him laid back while you do the hard work? Tired of her missionary position passion? Kama sutra is now online and there are tons of “how to” illustrated articles, telling you how spooning leads to forking it in all directions… Theory is sure easier than practice, but if the challenge would be all, we would not be talking about sexual pitfalls and their temptations.

 You need to know that some positions are not just a real test of physical strength and stamina, but also very dangerous for your overall health. As you sure enjoy sex and plan to work hard on it for the rest of your life, you will want to take all the caution measures and maybe cut from your list the following versions:

 The piledriver

 This one is about easing access to the intimate parts so anxious to connect with each other. So regardless if it is the man or the woman, one should lean against a chair or anything else opposing resistance and raise legs in the air. The other partner will then join and as you can imagine, all the pressure is on the shoulders of the one standing on the floor. The one controlling how deep the penetration is will still have little knowledge on what the other one, with all the weight resting on his or her neck, feels.

 The paired tongs

 This one is dangerous for both of the adventurers. Picture a man stepping over his partner’s leg, holding her other leg up and penetrating her. All this time, she just dangles in the air while she leans on the floor in one palm and the man supports her waist with his other free arm. How hot is that? Very hot, but it can get even hotter as in painful… He might be overwhelmed by all the weight from his left arm. Additionally, how could he handle an organ always supposed to be parallel to the ground when using it in such an angle?

 Triple lindy?

 The man must have the strength to lift his partner and penetrate her while standing up and she must have the abs strong enough to align the spine with the penis throughout the entire intercourse. More like an athletics challenge, isn’t it? Is your fantasy of playing roles during sex to interpret Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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