Sex Toys – They can make passion last longer

How Sex Toys can Make the Passion Last

Sex Toys - Making passion last longer

There is a saying that goes “find me a man and I’ll find you a woman he is tired of sleeping with”. It basically indicates that we get into a rut and even the most spectacular woman (or man) gets routine and boring after a while. If you love the person dearly you’re not going to want to stray from the relationship but you want sex to be explosive again, the obvious solution is to use sex toys.

It’s a very common practice and within the last 10 years it has become socially acceptable. Sex shops are frequented not by men hiding in the basement from their wives, but couples together. It’s fun to look and decide what you would like to try together. Online sex shops such as are made specifically for couples who are in a situation where the sexual spark seems to be fading.

A vibrator is a powerful tool for women but when you incorporate it into foreplay, it becomes an important accessory that benefits both the man and woman. The woman’s pleasure is self-explanatory but the man gets pleasure too – the satisfaction knowing he has given his wife the soothing release of hormones that coincides with an orgasm. Another positive reason to use a vibrator together? After a woman has an orgasm, her vagina is naturally lubricated, it swells up and becomes more sensitive, welcoming his erection with incredible anticipation! The feeling of sexual intercourse after an orgasm from a sex toy is almost indescribable.

Another sex toy that’s underrated but growing gradually in popularity is the bullet vibrator. A tiny vibrator that is for external stimulation only,. This is held over the clitoris during intercourse, the action of the penis inside the vagina coincides with the vibration on the clitoris to create what can best be described as a wholesome orgasm that is much more powerful then a vaginal orgasm alone.

If I could make professional suggestion, try a regular vibrator for foreplay and a bullet during intercourse. This combination will easily open the door to multiple orgasms and bring the relationship back the the original fiery level of passion that was there when the relationship was new at the butterfly stage. No more boring sex, ever again!

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