Roxanne the Hot Booty from Gravesend

There is something unique in my experience about UK nude model girls they often seem to have their brain attached to a foreskin or as one London gent articulated – ‘Ah – women they are things you bonk the brains out of, hence moving forward it is difficult to find any brainy girls – because most of them f**k too much – which of course means ‘No Brains!’ The good thing about the lads up in the city is – they tell it how it is. Maybe the city dude was thinking about what Roxanne said to Front Magazine recently – quote – “Getting a little excited while filling out this form!” WTF she was only filling out a form and what happens she gets all excited and creams her panties all around the divine crack in her ass!

To compound the felony surrounding the mystery of her posterior in a recent photo shoot again for Front Magazine where in one image she is on a bed up on all fours in the doggy position – and godammit I was never much good at Algebra but I will be darned if I am wrong in suggesting that in that position she was waiting to be penetrated! Look if I am wrong write in and put we right – Please – Thanks. Now look I have had a relook at the doggy style image and maybe the real reason for that pose is because the paparazzi camera dude taking the pics was a black dude whose huge schlong had just burst out of his jeans. It amazes me how often a scheduled good clean nude photo shoot often degenerates in to a f**k fest because the model has such a fine ‘Sexy Rear!’

Roxanne the Hot Botty from Gravesend…


Schlong – meaning – A male sexual organ. In 1990, Dr Himelstoss Von Schlong had an experiment in the Vienna laboratory with an autopsy specimen. As he inspected the lower abdomen, he viewed the genitals, which to his utter surprise, were 24″ U.S. cm in good length. The doctor, proceeded to remove the gargantuan penis by means of chainsaw, when he cut off his own erect penis which for some reason was out at the time. He shreiked in pain, “Sch-” (meaning to say Schiesse, the German word for excrement, US equivelent is ‘shit’.) but an aid walked in and asked him “Herr Doctor, how long are you going to take wis ze autopsy?” As the doctor died slowly, he muttered “-long!”. At his funeral, it was given to him the honors of naming the word “Schlong” as a reference to a long, throbbing, red-tipped, veiny penis, for the reasons of one, being his family’s surname, and two, the last words he muttered. His first words as a child were “Schlong” as well. He died September 19, 1990 at age 43. – Attribution to UrbanDictionary.Com

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