Rich Women in Korea Thailand Indonesia look for Toy Boys for Lap Dance and Sex

I have been asked by the owner and chief editor of AdultzDir.Com to write about women chasing after men in the Orient for companionship and sex!

Now little did he know  I am very aware of how women in rich Hi-So hangout places like Bangkok Seoul and Jakarta operate and work with great stealth to attract men in whom they are searching for companionship and sex. But here is the dichotomy men may be faced with the Hi-So ladies that may approach men looking for them to be a ‘Gik!’ Many put sex as the only show in town the companionship after sex (forget it) with Oriental ladies all you want to do is sleep.

Let’s go by location

Seoul – South Korea
•    Rich rapacious ladies flock to super clubs where they select aspiring male ‘Giks’ to be from the club ‘Fishbowl’ and/or the Model Sideline. The women will then want to see a visual ‘Test Drive’ at which the under selection toy boy ala gik will have to do a lap dance for the lady in the club. Then if he passes the ‘Appendage Glance’ he will be booked for ‘Short time’ or ‘Long time’ encounter.

Jakarta – Indonesia
•    Here it happens wholesale in the trendy shopping malls – here is how an expat guy can get picked up by rich Hi-So Indonesian ladies. The guy finds a coffee shop with tables that are free near the entrance order a coffee and sort of pose naturally (do not have your head in a book or newspaper) then you will see a trendy well dressed Indonesian MILF walk in and make eye contact and wait.     If you are on the MILF will order coffee and head to your table and ask is a seat free. Yes is the only answered you can give as they are already sat down. You have scored the rest is C’est la vie it’s all just a matter of time before the panties come off!

Bangkok – Thailand
•    Way to go cannot tell you much about what has to be one of the most exciting cities in the world bar none this place oozes with all day sex and sex appeal. Full details to follow up on another day at another time! Oh dang go on then one quick tale that happened to me in McD’s in Silom I met a honey over coffee she became my gik met once a week for sex for more than a year, cost to me I payed each time for the room in the ‘Short time’ hotel…

Rich Women in Korea – Thailand – Indonesia look for Toy Boys for Lap Dance and Sex…

Hi-So – meaning – Bangkok style word often used to describe the lifestyles of the rich (and not so rich) and famous, the word has a twist in the tale as it primarily used to describe woman. One go so far as dare we say it ‘Rich Loose Woman!’ Yes some ladies not a few I may say most of these girls have difficulty keeping the knickers up and on! We were somewhat appalled when we heard this and quite frankly did not believe it. In fact we were so sure that most of the Oriental lingerie makers must be fabricating cheap panties with shoddy weak elastic supports. We were wrong the lingerie is top grade the problem is focused on the Hi-So girl often being addicted to sex hence why the panties come down– Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

Gik – Favorite word used in Asia for buddies both male and female who meet together on a regular basis for NSA raw exciting sex – very popular word in many Oriental countries but hyper popular in Bangkok where ALL men have giks and most women have them too  – Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

Fishbowl – meaning – Infamous meeting area in  clubs all over Asia the gathering station where girl hostesses and male toy boys sit behind a glass screen all have a number pinned to the chest area. When a number is called out the girl or boy has a booking for a ‘Short time’ or ‘Long time’ encounter. – Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

Model Sideline – meaning – Line in the clubs where aspiring models – actors and students go to meet giks. – Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

‘Short time’ – meaning – As the name up to usually two hours max. Newbies often get the session ended when they first ejaculate – old hands are much wiser as after the initial squirt they see that as the time to start with the rest of the no holds barred session. – Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

‘Long time’ – meaning – Over night sexual encounter and the raunchy ladies say what you do is – UP2U! The best deal is this regardless of location anywhere in Asia – Attribution to AdultzDir.Com

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