Pussiefied Rob Pattinson Now Believes Two Penis Have Wrecked His Life

Clueless Hollywood freak of an actor Rob Pattinson now believes that two penises are responsible for his break up with tawdry boring Kristen Stewart

The Pattinson dude has the temerity to now believe that both the penis of Rupert Sanders and now a new geezer Giovanni Agnelli has crawled out from under a rock with a ‘Hard On’  This racy to some, boring to us gossip has surfaced in the excellent RadarOnLine, but good as they are at RadarOnLine they never mentioned whether Giovanni Agnelli was yet another short dicked guy or big dicked impaler that has been hanging around with Kristen Stewart since she broke with boring lazy lover Rob Pattinson.

All this celeb trash talk surrounding these two totally insignificant people is baffling as by throwing in one more erect penis does not in any way rev up anyone, as seasoned celeb readers are fully aware that all the players in this celeb trash talk have a penchant and addiction to ‘Vanilla Sex’ Hence we are at AdultzDir.Com say HTF can one develop a spicy racy raunchy story line out of ‘Vanilla Sex’ involving white people only f**king!

‘Vanilla Sex’ + White People = Boring!

Kristen Stewart is still a good girl – Because she has not yet discovered Nipple Clamps!

Pussiefied Rob Pattinson Now Believes Two Penis Have Wrecked His Life…

Giovanni Agnelli – meaning – is some supposedly ‘Mealy Mouthed Guy’ (not our words we heard the words in street talk) who has been staying and/or shacking up with Kristen Stewart at her home, since Pussiefied Rob Pattinson left when the first uninvited penis sans nipple clamps entered into his boring life!

Kanye West – meaning – This is the dude that we are hoping will emerge in this gossip saga as it needs an urgent injection of ten inches plus of penile energy!

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