Post London Olympics 2012 Online Dating Scene

We have been out and about in several  boroughs in London Town doing a mini survey on the online dating scene in August 2012

We asked these questions to 20 guys and 20 girls all of mixed nationalities
Q – Have you hooked up for an online date since the close of the London Olympics 2012?
A – Unanimous Yes from all forty we all connected via Very Naughty Dating.

Q – Have you played away from home this last month with a NSA online date for sex?
A – 28 were single all have had NSA sex this last month – 6 were MILFs and said yes many! The remaining six seemed out of it and did not seem to understand what we were talking about but they all knew a lot about Big Brother – Ricky Hatton – Imogen Thomas and Paul Gascoigne et al – Oh dear! We never see jerks like that on Very Naughty Dating!

Q – Do you know how to have sex and fry bacon?
A – 33 said yes to both. 7 looked at me as though I was a pig and asked what is bacon? It is fair to say the 7 were all just visitors to England and were not into English Bacon Butties! But all logged on to Very Naughty Dating.

The London and UK online dating scene is in the ascendency as the popularity of online dating continues to surge and most people we have chatted with say  that the best site they know and use to hook up and meet for new dates and sex online is the ever in demand Very Naughty Dating!

Very Naughty Dating is the acclaimed de facto standard for online dating – sex online – Milfs- Gilfs – NSA Sex –  Very Naughty Love for everything sex – new sex – old sex – regular sex – or just plain vanilla sex if that is your preferred route to intimate paradise…

Post London Olympics 2012 Online Dating Scene…

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