Pert Brazilian Butts in Rio de Janeiro

Phew guys my heart is racing as I try to get to the bottom of this story! Some valued reader sent in the this fantastic image – Pert Brazilian Butts in Rio de Janeiro!

It is very hard (my dick) to explain the problems I have experienced viewing the showcased image, I started viewing with sun glasses they got steamed up, I ditched the shades and then I was kind of overwhelmed as I broke out in a hot sweat. My problem starts with the derriere on the left can one imagine if the girl turned round – ‘OMG look at the Pudenda on that!’ Then moving on to the tush on the right the legs are slightly apart sort of hinting that something may be still left in position as though some guy has just finished dipping his sausage then he pulled out quickly leaving the pudenda ajar queefing.

Our roving reporter based in Brazil took a look at the showcased image – Pert Brazilian Butts in Rio de Janeiro. His response was direct and to the point – quote – ‘I vow to get to the bottom of this story and identify the girls in the photo op they are two divine culos and the owners will be named, because the public have a right to know whose butts we feature here on Sexy Rear.’

Brazilian girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world with truly delicious fantastic derrierres, phew it is getting hot around here again…

Viva Brazilian culos they are wonderful!

Pert Brazilian Butts in Rio de Janeiro…

Queefing – meaning –  Vaginal flatulence  – flatus vaginalis in Latin –  is an emission or expulsion of air from the vagina that may occur during or after sexual intercourse. – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org

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