Pert Alert on Sexy Butts

Here we go again on our ever expanding voyage around the world in a never ending search of the delicious sexy rear!

We are so lucky our endless search takes us all around the world and our sole remit is to look out for female derrieres. It is a  bottom line job but what the heck it comes with a plethora of extras – and my oh my many are so yummy.

Some the butts we have uncovered and discovered include but are not limited to :-
•    White Caucasian bottoms
•    Spanish Culos
•    Asian Tuts
•    Russian Zhopas
•    Italian Natiche
•    Chinese Tunbu
•    Afro American Bubble Butts
•    Oriental Posteriors
•    Plus a host more bums scattered all over the world.

Today we are showcasing an Oriental bottom that we declare looks to be a ‘Peach of an Ass’

But to the world of ass watching this hobby let me tell you is the best bird watching that you will find anywhere. The downsides are few and far between and many may indeed say porno images of butts are indeed a plus! We do not do explicit shots displaying and featuring sexual intercourse – vaginas – penises – anus and more … That is quite simply not what ‘Sexy Rear’ is about we are at the bottom of the ladder showcasing beautiful butts and that suits us just fine!

We are proud of our collection of Callipygians and needless to say a big ‘Thank You’ goes to all our readers who show bottom line loyalty as they know we have a bum job! Our work sometimes gets very perky – sexy and oh so captivating. After all our work is very easy on the eye – many even say we have an ass of a job! I beg to disagree we are simply Callipygian lovers.

Thank goodness Callipygians are everywhere to seek – behold and worship!

Pert Alert on Sexy Butts…

Callipygians – meaning – pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks; “the quest for the callipygian ideal”. – Attribution to

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