Parisian Girls Wow Onlookers as they Show Off Perfect Butts

Paris a cosmopolitan metropolis where arguably one meets and enjoys all that is best in this exciting world that we live in.  Paris is not the capital city of France by chance, as this bustling city is the fashion centre of the world as in Karl Lagerfeld – Dior – Yves St Laurent – Chanel et al the list is endless

So fashion means lots of catwalk fashion parades and an astounding array of posteriors. Girls when out and about in the trendy streets – avenues and boulevards are aware that often the eyes of the world are upon them. However they meet the challenge by legging it around with a stylish gait that says  – quote – ‘Hey folks check my ass out as it is ready to wink at you!’

Well with that upfront statement echoing in our ears – we went out to check what all the noise was about relating to French derrieres – wow we were not disappointed. But we had gathered a hard problem that had morphed out of a flaccid state of tranquility which now needed dealing with. So now we had two tasks to manage watching Parisian Butts while at the same time looking for a solution to soften the rampant hardness that had risen to the occasion in the Champs de Ellysses. In fact the hardness seemed at best to be getting somewhat bigger – fatter and longer as it looked at more and more French ladies bottoms

Fast forward four hours and we are back on track, single tasking that is watching all the girls walk by flaunting French and multi culture behinds ala all that is best from the bottom up in French Society!

I guess you are now left wandering how we fixed the hard problem – well we have a press release deadline in five minutes – so please come back later to see how we softened the  rock hard problem…

Parisian Girls Wow Onlookers as they Show Off Perfect Butts…

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