Oxford the Center of Posh Sex in UK

So we are moving away from London and here we are in the beautiful university city of Oxford where according to what we are reading these days is the center of ‘Posh Sex’ in the UK – United Kingdom.

But before we get into the action  if any Sun readers are reading this will stretch your intellect in so much that there is no connectivity between ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Posh Sex!’ Before The Sun readers leave the answer is very basic there is nothing sexy about  ‘Big Brother’ Hey we were only joking about the Sun and all the loyal readers we know after 8 million of you ogled at a nude Prince Harry, that millions of you are in fact into ‘Posh Sex’

England and the UK – United Kingdom is primarily made up of stone age style millions that think that talking about sex is better than eating a ‘Mars Bar’. Little do they know how big a part ‘Mars Bars’ play in ‘Posh Sex’ as the choc package plunges into the nubile bodies of female students in Oxford. Yes hooray henries use the choc bar as a vaginal stimulator when engaging in pre sex hanky panky which services student vaginas before the hooray henry compounds the felony when he unleashes his crown jewels. Yes posh people use posh techniques it is all in an integrated chocolate agenda that is the preferred modus operandi used when cavorting with female university students in Oxford

The Daily Mail have this to say in today’s paper – quote – Guide to dating posh girls at Oxford causes uproar after warning that upper-class women have so much sex they have ‘worked their way through the Eton rugby team’

My goodness that leaves very little left to the imagination!

Oxford the Center of Posh Sex in UK…

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